How Can I Bypass Google Verification

How Can I Bypass Google Verification

Smartphones have become the necessary device now as the technology has been developed. But as the excessive use of everything has its pros and cons hence this also has the same. And seeing to this, Google has introduced protection features on all Android phones. And if you want to know how to Bypass Google account verification on Android then you shall not panic. This is the place that will be giving you answers. Hence, refer to the steps below.   

Steps To Know How To Bypass Google Verification On Android

  1. Unlock your device and tap on its settings button either from the notification bar or by tapping on the gear icon. 
  2. Then from the various options tap on the “Factory reset” option of your phone. 
  3. This might take some time. And once the factory reset is done follow the instructions for the setup process. 
  4. And when you get to see the wifi option, tap on the same but don’t enter the password right now. Then when you see the keyboard then you need to press and hold the spacebar to select English(US) Google keyboard. 
  5. Now enter the wifi password and connect to it. Follow the onscreen instructions until you are prompted to enter Google account details. 
  6. Then start by entering the email address of your Gmail account and hold the @ symbol to choose the Google settings. 
  7. You are required to now tap on the three dots menu and choose “Help and Feedback” and tap on any help article that will be opening on the web page. 
  8. Press and hold any word to highlight it and from the menu go to the web search option and select Google app. 
  9. Find the settings option that will be found under the gear icon and select Backup and reset. 
  10. Choose Factory data reset. 
  11. Now follow the steps again through the setup process but this time you can skip Google account verification page. 

Therefore with the help of the above steps on how to proceed with Bypass Google Verification, you get the answers without hassle. Those who still need any further help are free to contact the customer service of Google. This customer service is 24/7 active and gives on-the-spot assistance. 

Reaching Out to Google Customer Service

Google customer service is 24/7 act on various platforms. And if you wish to reach them then you can choose either the toll-free helpline number, chat support, or email to get the answers.