How To Fix No Internet After Router Reset

How To Fix No Internet After Router Reset

Have you reset your router recently for fixing the internet issue, but still it is not working? Well, resetting the router is the foremost thing any person follows to get rid of the small glitches with the internet, which also works almost all the time. 

Methods To Fix No Internet Error After Router Reset

However, in a few cases, your internet might not work after resetting the router. It doesn't mean that you should stop resetting the router for fixing internet issues because this is the first step you need to take. But what if you confront the situation of no internet even after resetting the router? There are a few more solutions to fix no internet problem when a router reset doesn't work about which you are going to learn further on this page.

Ways To Fix No Internet Connection After Router Reset

If you have already tried to fix your internet connection by resetting the router but still not working then you should try other alternative. A few other solutions to fix no internet after router reset are explained below:

Replace damaged hardware

It might be possible that you are facing no internet problem due to some damaged hardware like modem, router, or cords

Therefore, you can check that any of bad hardware is causing internet issues by loaning from somewhere and swapping it

Ultimately when you found any bad hardware replace it permanently with a new one to fix internet problem

Resolve wireless interference

  • Though wireless network works excellently well but there are more chances of getting interference by the signal from another wireless device in comparison to wired connections
  • Therefore, you can try to connect your internet using an Ethernet cable instead of making wireless connection
  • If no internet error gets resolved after connecting via Ethernet cable then you are good to go
  • Additionally you can reconnect your wireless internet after turning off other device that might interrupt the connection

Fix bandwidth saturation

  • If your network is receiving more bandwidth than the requirement than also internet might not work fine
  • Therefore, you should try connecting internet with different bandwidth level and check at what point the network is getting worse
  • After that, you can limit the bandwidth usage for your network or buy more up to the level required by your internet to work properly

Tech Support

Hence, you should try the above methods to fix the problem of your internet showing no connection after you have already reset router to resolve the error. Besides you can also contact a technical expert from your internet service provide support center to get additional assistance if necessary.



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