How To Fix Roku Error Code 014.30

How To Fix Roku Error Code 014.30

Facing the error code 014.30 on your Roku device? Well, this error usually occurs because of the poor internet connection or no connection at all while it tries to stream your shows. However, this may also happen, if you put an incorrect username or password to login to your Roku account.

Now, if you have already have ensured that you have entered correct login credentials then you can follow some of the easy ways to fix Roku Error Code 014.30 without any hassle.

Ways To Fix The Error Code 014.30 On Your Roku Device

Via Testing Network Connection

You’ll need to test your Wi-Fi network connection for which you can use another device to do it. You can use your smart phone or PC device to verify your network speed that can support your Roku device.

Via Using Roku Remote

  • If still, your Roku device not working then you can use the remote device to fix it. Here’s how.
  •  In your Roku remote, navigate to the Settings section and then select System.
  • Here, select the System restart from the menu and then see if the issue is fixed after the restart is finished.

Reboot Your Modem

Furthermore, you can reboot your modem device and reset the wireless signal to usual. Besides, it may also fix the issue that caused your Roku device not working. Moreover, you can also check your network connection on your remote with the help of following steps.

  • Go to Settings in your Roku Remote and then select Network.
  • Now, select Setup connection and then choose Wireless.
  • Now, select your network and then enter its password.
  • Finally select Connect to establish a successful connection.

For more information on how to fix Roku Error Code 014.30 and other Roku issues, contact tech support and get the suitable assistance from the experts

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