How To Fix Roku Error Code 016

How To Fix Roku Error Code 016

Roku is a streaming device that helps in streaming the video channels for the users. But many times it shows error and when someone finds the error of Roku Error code 016 which merely means that device barely connects to internet. Below are the following steps in order to fix the Roku error stating to Wireless network.

Ways To Fix Roku error 016 

Below are the ways by which user can easily fix the Roku error 016

  • Check your connection 

If the Roku shows this error then first step towards Fix Roku Error 016 is to check the internet connection and go the settings of the Roku device then visit the network section after that check the connection in order to perform the two part test. The first part will help the user to check the connection of the home connection the check the quality of the signal user is receiving. Second step will help to take the measures for the speed connection. In case if the connection is poor then user will get the instruction to get the onscreen connection in order to resolve the issue.

  • Improve the wireless connection

If the user has entered the correct password and other devices are accessed with the Roku but it is still facing the issue then most likely there is issue with the wireless connection and most of the times the connection becomes loose when it is too far from the router. So make sure it is kept near the router and no obstacles are near the Roku device.

Roku Support

Following were the ways through which the Roku device error 016 can be fixed if still the issue persists of Roku Not Working then contact the help desk center of Roku to seek assistance or user can also write mail on official mailing address addressing the same.

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