Google Maps Not Working

Google Maps Not Working

Do you use Google Maps to find your location that you are not able to find? Then you can use it on multiple devices and easily reach your preferred destination. 

How Do I Fix Google Maps Not Working

Google Maps also proffer multiple GPS features that make it the world’s best navigation app. But sometimes Google Maps users also confront lots of technical issues when using it on varied devices and Google Maps Not Working is one among those which is highly faced by the users. In this article, you may learn about the step by step process to fix not working issue of Google Maps in a very simple way.

Here are the steps to fix Google Maps not working issue:

Method 1: Check your internet connection

Make sure that you are working on an active internet connection on a device for that you wish to access Google Maps because if your internet connection will not stable, then you can’t access the multiple apps on your device including the Google Maps.

Method 2: Update Google Maps

If you are using an older version of Google Maps, then you may confront lots of technical issues and you can fix the Google Maps Not Working issue very easily after updating it. For this, go through the below steps:

  • First of all, go to Google Play on your device.
  • Now you will be required to find the Apps section.
  • Tap on the Update tab in front of Google Maps.
  • Now wait until the app updates and then try to access the Google Maps on your device.

Method 3: Restart your device

Restarting a device is one of the best ways to fix multiple technical issues that you confront and you can also fix not working issue of Google Maps very easily just by restarting your device.

Method 4: Clear the caches and data

Sometimes unwanted sort of data and caches may also cause lots of technical issues and if you are confronting Google Maps Not Working issue, then you can simply clear the caches and data from your device to fix this issue. You can follow the below steps to clear it:

  • Go to the Settings on your Android phone.
  • Tap on Apps from the scroll-down menu.
  • Select Google Maps from the list of apps.
  •  Tap on Clear Cache and Clear Data tab.

Google Tech Support

With the help of these above-given steps, Google Maps Not Working On Android issue can be resolved without any difficulties and if you still persisting any sort of issue while using the Google Maps app, then contact the technical support team for relevant support.



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