How To Add Roku Pin

How To Add Roku Pin

A Brief Guide To Add, Update & Manage Pin On Your Roku Device

So you have a brand new Roku device but you don’t know how to setup its PIN? Well, this shouldn’t worry you as new users usually face such issue initially while setting up their Roku device. However, the PIN aka Personal identification number is a 4 digit number that lets you manage your payments and channel service into your device. Besides, you can also make your subscriptions and also mange your Roku Pay account through the PIN. So, if you have been looking for ways to setup your Roku PIN and manage them then worry not as this article what you need right now.

Get Support About How To Add Roku Pin

Therefore, read it further and get to know How To Add Roku Pin quickly and also tips to manage them without any hassle. Besides, you will also understand how to manage your payments on your respective Roku device, so keep your Roku device ready and follow the information as mentioned in this article to create its PIN.

Quick Steps To Add Roku Pin

The following easy steps will help you to add a Roku pin in your device within no time.

  • At first, fire up your web browser and then visit the Roku website to get access to your respective account.
  • Move to the PIN preferences and then hit the Update button to fetch the PIN settings.
  • Now, select the Create PIN option then you are required to mention the digits in the given spaces (twice).
  • Next, you’ll need to decide to mention your PIN usage as per you requirements such as if you want to use your PIN for making purchases and channel installation or only for making purchases. Besides you can also turn off the PIN verification in your Roku devices.
  • At last, hit the Save Changes option to update your PIN and the other selections.

Update Roku Pin

Moreover, if you wish to Update Roku Pin in the future then you can use the aforementioned steps for the same. However, if you face any issues with the same then you can use customer service professionals available at Roku customer support centre. Now, have a look at the top hacks to manage your PIN in your Roku device.

Managing Your PIN And Payment On A Roku Device

Your Roku PIN settings will only handle your payments and channel subscriptions; however they are not responsible for refund against any of your purchases. The PIN cannot be used forming purchases of every channel hence; you may have to purchase some channels directly from the provider on your Roku device. Besides, it cannot be used a parental controller or as a content filer. In other words, it can be used for installing new channels except as the content filterer. Moreover, to use your PIN for making payments through your Roku account, you’ll to ensure to add a current online payment method in your account or else you’ll be facing issues for doing so.

Roku Support

Furthermore, to fetch more information on how to manage Roku pin, feel free to get in touch with the technical support services at Roku and talk to the professionals.



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