How To Cancel Pandora

How To Cancel Pandora

Do you wish to cancel your Pandora account and have no clue about the process? Well, the procedure to cancel Pandora accounts is quite simple by using the app or via the official website. 

Further, for the users who are paid subscribers of Pandora Plus or Premium subscribers, it is essential that they cancel their subscription before deleting their account or they will be billed for the subscription even after the account deletion. So, to help out the users here is the procedure on How To Cancel Pandora Premium On Android and other devices. If required, one can even seek assistance from the support.

Quick Instructions To Cancel Pandora Subscription On Android 

For the users who access Pandora services on an Android device, they are required to cancel their subscription using Google Play Store by following the listed instructions: 

  • To begin the process, the user needs to login to the Google account on Google Play Store. 

  • Now, from the left side panel, the user is required to click on My subscription option. 

  • Then, the user needs to click on the Pandora app and click on the Cancel subscription option. 

Thus, by following these simple instructions, the user can cancel their Pandora subscription on Android. Besides, for the users who are looking for details on how they can cancel the Pandora subscription on Roku, they can check out the instructions mentioned below. 

Quick Process To Cancel Pandora Subscription On Roku

Users who are looking for solutions on How to cancel Pandora Premium On Roku, they are required to cancel the subscription directly via TV. 

  • Begin the process by switching on the TV and Roku device and look for the Pandora app icon. 

  • Further, the user is required to highlight the app and press on the options using the remote. 

  • Then, from the pop-up menu, the user is required to click on the manage subscriptions and opt for the cancel subscription option. 

And with the end of this process, the user can easily cancel their premium Pandora subscription on the Roku device. 

Deletion of Pandora account 

Once the user has cancelled the subscription, they can easily delete the Pandora account by following the quick instructions: 

  • Visit the official Pandora site and log in to the account using a preferred browser.

  • Now, click on the user image and click on the Settings option and pick the account option. 

  • Then, scroll to the bottom of the page and click on the Delete Pandora account option. 

  • Further, confirm the account deletion and complete the process. 

Pandora Support

Besides, if the user still has queries regarding the process on How to cancel Pandora Premium On Roku, they can reach out to the support to seek the required assistance and complete the account deletion process.


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