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connect HP printer to WiFi Via Hp printer customer Support

The world is going wireless. Today, most of the printing devices use wireless technology. Due to the wireless technology used in printers, you can easily connect a printer with your PC, Mac, or your smartphones to take a printout.

How to connect HP printer to WiFi : Steps

You can connect an HP printer to WiFi network via WPS (WiFi protected setup) mode. The connection via WPS mode requires the following conditions:

  • Your wireless router as well as your printer must support the WPS pushbutton mode.

  • There must be a physical WPS pushbutton on your router.

  • If you are using the manufacturer’s default network name and no security for your WiFi router, there may be a possibility that the wireless router will not connect to the printer via WPS pushbutton mode.

  • Make sure that your network is using WPA or WPA2 security as most of the wireless routers will not connect to the printer via WPS mode if WEP or no security is used.

Following are the steps for connecting a wireless printer to WiFi via WPS pushbutton mode;

  • Start the WPS pushbutton mode on your printer. The instructions to start the WPS mode may be different for different printers. Hence, to start the WPS mode of HP printer, you need to go through your printer’s manual.

  • After that within 2 minutes, press the WPS button on your router.

Above listed are the steps to connect HP printer to WiFi. Continue reading the article to know how to connect HP printer to a laptop.

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