How To Do Account Recovery https //

How To Do Account Recovery https //

 Google is the most popular online website for all kinds of activities we perform. From browsing internet on Google chrome search engine to making video calls on Duo or exchanging mails on Gmail, Google does all of this. Google account was launched in 2004 keeping in mind to speed up business and for reliable communication. To make an account on Google you need to enter the credentials and make valid email ID and password. If by chance you forgot your password, Google gives the advantage to recover it in many ways.

Steps To Do Google Account Recovery https //

In more precise words, Google has its own monopoly in internet market. Not just this, since there are several Google users, hence to solve their queries and to listen to their suggestions there are Google account recovery help centers. The most common issue, users come up with is their forgotten passwords or emails. If you are also one of them then all you have to do is navigate to account recovery link of Gmail directly and follow any of the three methods to fix lost account.

Account Recovery https // With Various Methods

1.Alternative email address
2.Recovery phone number
3.Security questions

Unless and until you don’t follow any of these methods and reset password, Google will not permit you to access your account. To know how, follow below steps.

Method 1: Alternative email address

1. Navigate to the official recovery page by clicking on ‘forgot id and password’
2. You will be redirected to recovery window
3. Now enter the last password you remember
4. If you are not able to log in then click on alternative email
5. You will receive a code on mail
6.Enter that and set a new password
7. Re-enter the password and confirm the password and you are done

Method 2: https // phone number

1.Tap on account recovery link
2. Pick the option of recovery phone number
3. Next, enter last four digits of your mobile number
4. You will receive a code on your number through text
5.Enter that code in the box
6. Now set a new password
7.Reenter the password to confirm the password
8. And you are done

Method 3: Answering security questions

1.Tap on forgot Id or password option on sign in page
2.Select one option of recovering lost password of security questions
3.You will be asked to answer a few questions that you must have set while creating account
4.Once you have answered all the questions, Google will try identifying your account
5.Once succeeded, you will be asked to enter a new password
6.Confirm the password by entering it again
7. And you are done with Google Account Recovery process.

How To Recover Google Account For Android

  • Open the browser on your android phone and visit the Google account recovery password page.
  • Next is to enter your Google Id and you will be prompted to enter the password.
  • Rather than entering the password, tap on forgot my password option.
  • You will be redirected to enter the last password you remember if you do not remember select try different options.
  • Enter the captcha and then Google will provide the option of alternate id or phone number
  • Now you will receive the verification link, click on that
  • You will be now able to reset the password. So change it and confirm.

Google Customer Support

Make sure you don’t share your new password with anyone. Also keep changing your password in order to keep your account secure and safe. If despite the above methods, you are not able to recover your lost account with above two methods or security option like Google account recovery date of birth, ring up on Google customer support number for more help. If in any case, these steps do not help you then take the support of the third party or you can also contact the customer support service and tell you are concerned problem regarding Google account recovery for android or you can drop a mail as well. Hope this might help you in solving your problem. 

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25 Jun, 2021

Dear Gmail Support Team, I have been trying to sign in to my Gmail account "" and running into a problem with password recovery issue. I have been trying to follow instructions given in reference to recover Gmail account using mobile phone verification. After having done all the instruction required, I am still unable to sign in to my Gmail account as google request the code from account "" in order to sign in. Because i cannot log in into my account "" to get code to verify so please help me to check and recovery with reference email "". Yours sincerely,

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