How To Fix Apple Pay Not Working

How To Fix Apple Pay Not Working

Learn the simple way to fix Apple Pay Not Working 

Rather than having a fumble of cash, debit or credit card, you can use Apple pay to do shopping and can make purchasing with the speedy service. However, you have come across the situation when you unable to do the transactions or not able to fix the issue, in that case we have complied all the basic steps required to fix this issue of Apple pay not working

Stick With The Steps To Fix Apple Pay Not Working

If you are facing trouble while in getting Apple pay to work, there are some simple steps to help resolve the issue. Most of the solutions are easy to follow

Follow The Steps To Fix The Issue Of Apple Pay Not Working

  • Sometime there might be a problem of technical issue, it has nothing to do with either its iphone or ipad. It could be back end issue with Apple web pay service, so it is recommended to wait for the moment until the server starts working again.

  • Even you check the apple system status on the website, if it showing green circle next to the Apple pay which means the service failure.

  • If the business accepts Apple pay, it may be when particular terminal is not working when you try to use Apple pay, ask for the other terminal that you can use for Apple pay.

  • If you found that your Apple pay is not working, then you should select a credit card manually in the Apple wallet for making the payment. For that you have to go to the settings> wallet and apple pay and then you have to tap on the credit and debit card by which you want to pay and concurrently you will be prompted to enter the passcode or use Face Id depending upon the settings.

  • User must remove or re add the credit card, it could be due to when you try to use it on Apple pay because it takes time to update the information.

  • Most better approach is to reset the iPhone or the device which you are using for the Apple pay. Because resetting of the device can reset the connections and the data to Apple pay starts working again.

Apple Pay Support

Consider and adhere with the above information to fix Apple pay not working on iphone. If required you can take assistance from the customer support team of the Apple to help you rise above the complexity. Apart from that, you can share the mail to the authentic department of Apple to get the immediate feedback or response from them. Well, you have seen that all the above mentioned steps are designed by taking into consideration the major number of peoples come across. So stay tuned with the latest updates and the guidelines.



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