How To Fix PayPal Not Working & Also Fix PayPal API Error Code 10417

How To Fix PayPal Not Working & Also Fix PayPal API Error Code 10417

What can be done if PayPal stops working or there is an occurrence of API error code 10417

Being one of the most used online transaction systems, PayPal is of help to the people in buying and selling the goods and services on many of the retail websites and other platforms. Its services can be enjoyed millions of users sitting around the globe. It shows how good its services are.

Know-How To Fix PayPal Not Working

But despite its services, the users face the issues in PayPal not working, and it needs troubleshooting to get rid of the issue. You can, therefore, go through the steps that we are listing below and apply them. You can also contact customer support for more information.

Troubleshooting Steps Required To Fix PayPal Not Working

  • Check if PayPal is down:

You have to first see if PayPal is down. You can go to its status page to check whether the functions are operating or not. They will let you know about the status whether it is down or the issue is at your end.

  • Try another payment option:

Sometimes the issue can be in your credit card also. You can try to use the alternative bank account or credit card in your PayPal account when you have to make the payment. If the payment is done, then you have identified the problem.

  • Confirm your bank:

If you find that PayPal is working fine for other people near you, then the problem can be with your bank. You need to verify the bank account, and so the PayPal is unable to authorize the transactions. You can visit the help page and then follow the on-screen steps to confirm your bank account.

  • Use your PayPal balance:

In case you find that there is a problem with your card or bank, then you can go for using the money available in your PayPal balance. For this, you need to select a wallet, then Add money, and then follow the on-screen instructions so that you can transfer money from your bank account to PayPal.

Fix PayPal API Error Code 10417 

The error code 10417 denotes that the transaction is unable to complete and PayPal instructs us to retry the transaction with the use of an alternate payment method from PayPal’s wallet of customers. You can take various steps to fix API error code 10417. Let us see the steps that need to be taken.

Steps To Rectify & Fix PayPal API Error Code 10417 

  • The customer can be notified about other payment methods that can be used by the customers. If the customer does not have another funding source of PayPal, then it should be recommended to contact the customer service using email or call. To go for automatic payments, the customer can receive the information via email.

  • You should also verify that the commercial entity agreement is accepted by the customers and submit it to PayPal.

  • You need to also verify that API codes have passed the line item values correctly so that the order total value specified matches with their total.

PayPal Helpline

So, these are the steps that can be helpful for you if your PayPal Transaction is not working. As told above, you can contact the customer care executives of PayPal to get assistance on your issues. You have to call the toll-free number where you can talk to the experts, and they will help you out with the best aid available with them.

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