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How To login Yahoo Mail Without Verification Code

How To login Yahoo Mail Without Verification Code

Yahoo mail users who have settled two-step verification in their account settings are asked to enter a verification code that they receive on their linked phone number almost every time while login into their account. 

Procedure To Avoid Verification Code Every Time While Login Yahoo Account

However, at few times, the user may not be able to access that mobile hence fails to provide the verification code. In such a condition the Yahoo mail user must identify the method for login into account without that verification code. The most prominent solution to avoid providing the verification code every time during account login is by disabling the function. Therefore, the procedure you must carry on to login your Yahoo mail without verification is as presented below.

Steps To Do Yahoo Mail Login Without Verification

  • Go to the Yahoo home page and navigate towards login field
  • Then enter your Yahoo ID and login password accurately
  •  Next, provide the verification code that you receive in your mobile only this last time
  • Then move towards the settings to find two-step verification option
  • Now open the two-step verification code tab and press next button
  • Then you have to select the button to disable two-step verification code option
  • At last, hit on the save change button to save this setting
  • Hence, from now onward you will not have to enter the verification code while login

Yahoo Customer Service

Therefore, Yahoo mail login without verification is permissible only after you disable the two-step verification from your account settings as described above. Once you disable the two-step verification settings in your Yahoo account there is no need to enter the verification code at the time you login into your account. In case, you encounter any other kind of trouble while using Yahoo mail services, get in touch with its dedicated customer service team that is accessible to provide support via different channels.

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