Spectrum Mail Server Not Working

Spectrum Mail Server Not Working

What To Do If Spectrum mail server is not responding?

Issues and errors are very common when a user is availing email services (Fix-It +1-888-388-1436 ). If a user is trying to access Spectrum email account, there could be some issues such as forgotten password, spam messages, unable to send/ receive emails, etc.

Ways To Fix Spectrum Email Problems Or Server Problems

There could be various reasons for Spectrum email not working issue. One of the commonly faced issues are Spectrum outgoing mail server not working. To resolve the issues faced in Spectrum emails, below mentioned fixes can be tried:

  • Issue sending/receiving emails: The issue of sending and receiving is very common in emails. If a user is facing this issue in Spectrum email, then it could be due to incorrect settings on a third-party email. The correct settings are:

    • Username: Spectrum email address

    • Password: Spectrum email password

    • SSL: On

    • Protocol: IMAP

    • Incoming server: mobile.charter.net

    • Incoming port: 993

    • Outgoing email server: mobile.charter.net

    • Outgoing port: 587

    • Requires authentication: Yes

  • Receiving unwanted emails: In case, a user is receiving unwanted email in a Spectrum account, it can be easily prevented from getting it into the inbox, simply by marking it as Spam.

  • Forgotten password: If a user forgets the password of Spectrum account, it can be easily recovered as follows:

    • Browse sign-in page of Spectrum emails.

    • Click Forgot username or password option on the login page.

    • On the next page, any of the options can be chosen among:

      • Username & Zip code

      • Contact info

      • Account info

    • After this, enter the Captcha and click the Next button.

    • Finally, follow the on-screen instructions to reset the password.

  • Emails are missing when checked from multiple devices: In this condition, the issue might be related to Spectrum mail server not working. It can be fixed with correct IMAP settings. For outgoing mail server, SMTP server is mobile.charter.net and then select the options of use only this server and use authentication options.

How To Fix Spectrum Email Problem

One of the important Spectrum Email troubleshooting steps is to block unwanted messages. This feature will be enabled once a user marks any email to spam. All the similar messages will be blocked and moved to Spam. For this purpose, device email settings can be also be used.

To get more info about Spectrum Email Problem, a user can contact the support team. The executives in the customer support team will provide the best assistance. To get in touch with the support, contact details provided on Spectrum’s official website can be used.



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Patricia Harrison

31 Aug, 2020

What could be causing my computer no opening my email?


Joseph Alfonso

10 Sep, 2020

Why would my emails be blocked for going out ? How do i fix ? trouble code 1010 keeps popping up while trying to send emails