How To Unlock Temporarily Locked Facebook Account

How To Unlock Temporarily Locked Facebook Account

Although Facebook is quite popular for its online social networking features, and now it also has started offering business marketing services, its security features are also getting advanced rapidly.

Here’s How To Unlock An Account On Facebook

In recent years, Facebook has made it quite clear that it won’t compromise with user’s data and information at all and that why, its security system is always able to sense even the tiniest threat to any account. Besides, this can also put your locked out of your account or make your account locked. There’s why, you sometimes need to unlock your account n your own by going through some authentication process.

Therefore, if you are also facing that “Account Locked” message on your Facebook login screen, then there no need to freak out. You can simply unlock temporarily locked Facebook account without any serious struggle. Here’s how.

Facebook Has Locked Your Account

  • If you have been wondering that why Facebook has locked your account in the first place, then here are the few reasons that might be responsible for your locked FB account.

  • Your account profile might have been swept off during database update due to duplicate profile or non-validated account.

  •  Your account might be reported for illegitimate activities.

  • You violated Facebook security guidelines or have been reported for suspicious activities.

  •  You have been adding too many friends lately.

Ways To Recover A Temporarily Locked Account On Facebook

In order to unlock Facebook account, firstly, do not open it for up to 96 hours after it has been locked down. Next, clear the cache of your web browser and then again try logging into your account, if you do still get access to it then follow the quick steps mentioned below to get your account back.

Steps To Submit An Appeal For Account Unlock

  • Open the FB homepage in your web browser, enter the account details such email address or mobile number in the given spaces.

  • Next, enter your full name and then you’ll need to select the Choose Files for submitting an ID proof to authenticate your account ownership.

Getting Help From FB Friends For Account Unlock

  • If you are still locked out of your account, then you can take help from your Trusted Friends on Facebook for gaining back your account access. Here’s how.

  • Open the Facebook homepage in your browse, enter your account login credentials and select the “Get help from friends” from the security page.

  • Now, pick your trusted friends from the given list and then click Continue for sending account verification codes to all of them.

  • Contact your friend to fetch the code and enter them in the prompted page.

  •  Hence, you Facebook account should be unlocked by now.

If you still can’t unlock temporarily locked Facebook account, then contact tech-support professionals on Facebook to get better assistance.

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