How To Do Apple ID Password Recovery

How To Do Apple ID Password Recovery

When you are locked out of any of your accounts, it becomes a frustrating situation. This issue comes when you are using multiple accounts on different platforms with varying passwords. 

Methods To Recover Apple Id Password

If you want to access an Apple account but its password is forgotten, you will be locked out of the account. So, it is mandatory to use the correct password for accessing the Apple account but if it is not remembered, you can recover it with easy steps and Apple id password recovery with two-factor authentication. The recovery of Apple password is explained thoroughly in this article.

Recovery Of Apple ID password

For Apple id password recovery, you can simply follow the steps as mentioned below:

  • Go to the Apple recovery page, enter the Apple ID and click the Forgot Apple or password link.

  • On the next page, you need to enter the Apple ID. It will redirect to a page where you are asked to enter the name and email address linked to the Apple account.

  • If you have enabled two-factor authentication, you will get a notification on your phone.

  • Now, you can choose the recovery option among the email address or the security questions.

  • In the email method, you will receive a verification link in the alternate email. When you click it, you will be redirected to the password reset page. You can create a new password and save the changes.

  • In case of security questions, you need to answer the questions correctly to get the password reset page.

Recover Apple Password With 2-Factor Authentication

You can complete Apple id password recovery with two-factor authentication by following the steps mentioned below:

  • Via IOS device

  1. Go to iOS device settings and select your profile.

  2. Select the option of Password & Security and then go to Change password.

  3. You need to enter the device passcode and finally, you can reset your password.

  • Via Apple account page

  1. Go to iForgot Apple ID page in your browser and enter the phone number associated with your Apple account.

  2. Select continue and you will get the notification on the trusted Apple device.

  3. Tap on Allow and further follow the on-screen instructions for a password reset.

Apple Password Recovery Using Security Questions

If you are looking for Apple id password recovery with security questions, you can simply follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Browse the Apple account login page to start with the recovery.

  • Click the link of Forgot Apple ID or password on the page and proceed with the password recovery.

  • On the next page, enter the Apple ID, whose password is lost. you will be asked to enter your name along with the email address.

  • Select the option of I need to reset my password. 

  • You need to choose the security questions options for the recovery of Apple password. 

  • When you answer the security questions correctly, you will be provided with an option to reset the password.

  • Finally, you will be able to access your Apple ID with the new password.

Apple Support

For further details on Apple id password recovery, you can contact Apple support team. To reach them, use the info available in the contact section of Apple website.





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