How To Create A Yahoo Account

How To Create A Yahoo Account

You won't be able to access the services of Yahoo such as email, news, photo, etc. if you don't have a Yahoo account. If you want to access these services of Yahoo, you can create a Yahoo account using Gmail. 

Ways To Create Yahoo Account

For this, you need to allow the Yahoo account to get linked with your Gmail account. Along with the Gmail account, you need to enter your name, select your date of birth and use a Yahoo ID and password. You need not worry about your details, as Yahoo will not share your personal info with anyone.

Create Yahoo Account Using Gmail account

If you are trying to Create Yahoo Account with Gmail, you need to follow a proper procedure for the same. The process involves the following steps:

  • Open the web browser and navigate to Yahoo's official mail page.

  • In the Sign-in section, tap on the Google button, which is on the right side of the screen.

  • You need to click the allow option, to allow Yahoo services to access your Google account.

  • Then, you are asked to enter the Google email address along with the password and then click the Sign-in option.

  • When you enter the name in the given field, you will find the Gmail address is automatically filled in the field.

  • You are asked to select your date of birth.

  • Type a Yahoo Id for your account and check if it is available on Yahoo servers. If not, you can use it.

  • Enter the new password and re-enter it for confirmation.

  • Finally, when you click Continue, it will create your account.

This is how you can Create Yahoo Account

Yahoo Support

If you still have any queries, you can contact the Yahoo support team. All info related to Yahoo support is available on Yahoo's official webpage.

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