How To Deactivate Facebook On iPhone

How To Deactivate Facebook On iPhone

Sometimes Facebook which is the most used and famous social media platform starts taking toll over the minds of people and to get over this, people uninstall it or even delete the app permanently. And if you have access to the Facebook account on iPhone then the option of closing down the Facebook account is always open to the users.

Steps To Delete Facebook Account On iPhone

To delete Facebook on iPhone the steps basically are quite different from the ones that you follow on android device. To fight more, here are some of the steps to follow.

To delete Facebook app through iPhone app

1.To start with the steps to delete Facebook, you can disconnect all the apps and the data downloaded and then proceed ahead. Move to the Facebook app and then tap on the three lines icon on the top.

 2.Move to the settings and privacy section and click on the tab of settings.

3/Now go on and then you can move to the account ownership and control section.

4.From here, you will be allowed to tap on the deactivation and the deletion link.

5.Once you are done, now move to the delete option and then again move to the Continue to delete link.

6.As you finally move to the account deletion page, you will realize that it is bit crowded hence to fix it you can skip first few options. Now scroll down to the last of the page and tap on delete account which will delete your account once and for all.

Steps To Delete Facebook Account Permanently on Safari browser

1.If you use the Safari app for using Facebook account then for that first of all go to the app and then tap on the tab of settings.

2.Now move to the Facebook information and then you can tap on account ownership and control page followed by the links of deactivations and deletion.

3.Henceforth from here, if there is any type of information on Facebook account that you want then save it first and then move to permanently delete the account.

Things to keep in mind while deleting the Facebook app

1.If you wish to delete the Facebook app then first of all keep all the backup of the data and information stored.

2.Now also keep in mind that you can even recover the deleted Facebook account within 30 days in Case you change your mind.

Contacting the FB customer care team

In case you have any doubts related to the Facebook app or any type of deactivation process then you can take the help of the customer care team. The customer care team will guide you as How To Deactivate Facebook On iPhone. In case you need then you can ping on the official support site and the technical team will get back to you for clearing all the doubts.

You can also call on the helpline number and take their further assistance as how to Delete Facebook on iPhone and you will be done.


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