How To Delete Instagram Account

How To Delete Instagram Account

Instagram has over 1 billion users all around the world and is also one of the successful social media websites. Over 500 million users are active on Instagram on a regular basis and its account are used for business purposes. But there can be times when users do feel tired with all that scrolling in their timelines or perhaps, they just want to take a short term sabbatical from their digital life also known as digital social media detox.

Now, disabling an Instagram account isn’t so hard, in fact it is just a matter of few taps or clicks. But if you are someone who has never thought about deleting their account, then yes, it could be an alien task for you. However, you can go through this article and get to know about How To Delete Instagram Account.

Quick Instructions To Delete An Account On Instagram

The following steps will help you to delete your account on Instagram within no time.

  • So, at first, you’ll need to open your web browser and then navigate to the official website of Instagram in it. But you’ll need to keep in mind that you cannot delete your account via using the Instagram application.
  • Next step is to enter the login credentials of your account in the given particulars and then get access to your Instagram account.
  • Now, move to the Gear icon on the top and then find the account deletion page. Here, you’ll need to select the reason for deleting your account from the relevant drop-down menu. In case, if you don’t find your preferred reason mentioned in there, then you can choose the Something Else option.
  • After selecting your preferred option, hit the "Permanently delete my account." Option to confirm the selection.

Steps To Temporarily Disable Your Account On Instagram

  • In case, if you just wish to Disable Instagram Account that belongs to you for a while, then here’s what you can do.
  • Open your Instagram account via using the mobile or web browser and then move to the profile option.
  • Here, select the Edit profile option and then hit the "Temporarily disable my account" option to confirm the disablement.
  • However, you’ll also need to specify the reason for your account disablement on Instagram and if you don’t find the preferred reasons, then select the something else or other option.

Moreover, your account will be permanently deleted after 30 days of disablement, and if you wish to retrieve access to your account, then simply use the login credentials. For more info on How To Delete Instagram Account, contact tech-support officials at Instagram.



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