How To Fix Email Not Receiving Emails

How To Fix Email Not Receiving Emails

The app of Gmail works as a mail client so the users do not need much space for this.

How To Fix Email Not Receiving Emails On Your Phone?

The job of this app is to deliver the emails from the server from your phone. But, what happens when the app is not working fine and the users are not receiving the emails.

Solutions For Email Not Receiving Emails:

Well, if you are facing this issue, then you need to address this problem and get a solution for that as there are chances that you can miss some important emails. So, if you have encountered the problem, then you have to find the solution to this problem of email not receiving emails.

  • Update the app of Gmail:

When you use Gmail as an app, it is sure that it will be bug-prone. Soo, it is necessary for the users to regularly look for the updates and update it. sometimes, the problem gets resolved by updating the app only. If there will be a problem with the update, then you should be covered. Just go to the play store and check for the updates.

  • Check the servers:

The servers of Google are used by Gmail to deliver new emails in your inbox. The users will not get the new emails if the servers will be down. However, you can check the status of the server. If the servers are down, then you have to wait for some time until Google fixes it. Then, you will start receiving the emails.

  • Clear the data of Gmail app:

This can be considered as the oldest trick. Whenever you face a problem with the app, clearing the caches or data can be considered as the potential solution. Here is how you can go for clearing the caches and data in your phone:

  • You have to go to the settings and then go to the apps or the application manager.

  • Then, you have to locate the Gmail in the Application Manager and tap Gmail.

You have to choose the Clear cache. If it does not get resolved by this, then you can repeat the procedure but now click on the Clear data option. Be noted that this option will erase all the data on your phone and then you have to start from the beginning.

  • Enabling the automatic sync:

As the name of the feature suggests, enabling the automatic sync will allow you to automatically sync the mail all across the device. For this, you have to open the Gmail and then tap on the menu button. Then, go to the settings, account and ensure that this option is enabled.

Email Customer Service

These steps will help you out if your email is not working. The customer care executives will help you out with this problem. They will resolve the issue after listening about it.




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