How To Enable Dark Mode On Your Facebook

How To Enable Dark Mode On Your Facebook

When we talk about the dark mode, the first thing that comes in mind is the night theme that helps us enjoy our favorite apps at night. This mode dims the screen and tone down the colors. It is now considered a way of life. While most of the apps have already switched to this, the users face one holdback that disrupts us from using the social media outlets in the dark, and that is Facebook. Yes, we make a face trouble in surfing Facebook at night.

Ways To Enable Dark Mode On Facebook

To enable dark mode on your Facebook account, you can go through these steps that we are mentioning below. You are also free to contact the customer support executives to get to know the solution to this. The executives will let you know the process of switching your classic Facebook to dark mode and will provide you with the resolution to your issue.

The process of enabling the dark mode in your Facebook:

  • You need to login to your Facebook account and go to the upper part of your screen.

  • You will find the Facebook status bar in which you have to click on the downward-facing arrow. Here you can select on Switch to New Facebook.

  • Facebook will not forget to remind you that you can switch back again to the classic model. You can do this by navigating to the downward-facing arrow on your New Facebook and then go back to the classic one by selecting “Switch to Classic Facebook.”

  • If you want to turn on your Dark mode on Facebook, then you need to navigate to the same arrow facing downward and go to the slider that is present next to the dark mode option. This will enable your dark mode on your New Facebook.

Getting dark mode on your Messengers in Android:

  • You need to click on the profile picture on your upper-right hand corner of your screen, and you will find the page of chats.

  • Then you will see the option of dark mode, and you can toggle it on.

Facebook Support

This is the process by which you can enable Dark Mode on your Facebook account. As mentioned earlier, you are free to contact the customer support for this. The executive will provide you with the best assistance for your queries. Talking about the agents, they are experts in every field and are aware of all the processes of Facebook. You can enjoy the best services here by talking to the customer care agents.

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