Why Facebook Keep Disabling My Account

Why Facebook Keep Disabling My Account

Facebook is one of the most prominent social media accounts across the world. There are various users who are addicted to using a Facebook account on their mobile device. They just understand the value of using a Facebook account because through this social media account users gain information about the products, entertainment, news, thought of the day, etc. There are some of the users who don’t have enough time to use the Facebook account and unable to sign-in their account for one month to three months and this is the main reason the users find their Facebook account disable generally.

Reasons Why Facebook Keep Disabling My Account

It is said that when you don’t use your Facebook account for a long time, it is not sure to get in touch with the Facebook community standards at this you are required to fix this issue by clearing the cookies on the browser that track down your account perfectly. Apart from this, it is said that when you don’t use your Facebook account for 30 days your information will be deleted permanently and after that, you won’t be able to retrieve your information. 

Causes Of Disabling Facebook Account

There are some of the other common causes of Facebook keep disabling my account simply such as:-

  • Signing-in from your unknown location.

  • Creating a fake profile can get disable at any time.

  • Violating terms and conditions of Facebook account.

  • Someone has reported your Facebook profile.

  • Sending friend-request to many people.  

Recover Disabled Facebook Account

Facebook disable the account depending on the violation that you have committed. So it may temporarily or permanently be disabled based on the situation. Temporary disabling accounts can be recovered but the permanently disabling account is not possible to recover. So if you have confirmed that your account is temporarily disabled then you can recover disabled Facebook account without facing any trouble.

Ways To Recover Disabled Facebook Account

  • At first, launch an internet browser and visit the booking website and click on the log-in button and enter the certain credential to access.

  • If you are unable to access and showing a message your account has been disabled, you are required to select the ID proof from the list.

  • Enter the name of the user, mobile phone number, date of birth, and enter the reason for disabling your Facebook account.

  • Enter the email address and enter the verification code that has been sent to your phone to verify your account.

  • You will see a link to Facebook account recovery that allows you to enter the new password into the required field eventually.

Facebook Support

For further help regarding Facebook Keep Disabling My Account, you are always free to contact our tech support team now.

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