How To Fix Facebook Lite Not Opening

How To Fix Facebook Lite Not Opening

To save the memory of your phone, you can have the Facebook Lite app. Although it is an advanced version of Facebook, it has all the latest features, and most of the bugs are removed. But sometimes, you might encounter an issue while opening the Facebook Lite app. Even after connecting it with Wi-Fi or high-speed internet, if it is not working, you need to check for the possible fixes. This article will help you with the issue of, Facebook lite not opening.

Fixes For Facebook Lite Not Opening Issues

When you want to fix Facebook Lite not opening issue, you can try out some common fixes. While trying out these fixes, you must be using Facebook lite on an Android device. Here are the fixes for Facebook lite issues:

  • Clear the app cache- When the Facebook lite is not opening or loading, you can try clearing the app cache. To do this, you can follow the steps:

  1. Go to device settings.

  2. Select Apps and navigate to Facebook Lite app.

  3. When the storage option comes up, clear the cache along with data of Facebook lite.

  4. To check the working of Facebook, restart your phone.

  • Install VPN- You can also try installing the VPN on your phone.

  1. Go to Google Play Store on your device.

  2. Search for any VPN app and install a good app.

  3. Connect to the VPN.

  4. After this try launching the Facebook Lite app and check for its working.

  • Reinstall the app- If the app is still not working, you can try uninstalling it from your device and reinstall it after some time. This reinstalling of the app might resolve the issue, and Facebook lite starts working properly.

  • App update- If any update for the Facebook app is available, you must get the latest version to make it work properly.

  • Reset the device- If nothing works for the Facebook Lite app issue, you can reset your device. But before resetting, you need to take the backup of everything important on your device.

Facebook Support

All these steps will work when you fix Facebook Lite not working. For more queries or issues, you can contact the technical support team. All the support executives are available 24x7 for your assistance. To reach them, you can either use phone, email, or call. The executives have gained expertise on all technical issues related to Facebook or Android devices, so you can contact them and get your issues fixed within no-time.

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