How To Fix Facebook Not Working On iPhone

How To Fix Facebook Not Working On iPhone

As Facebook is the most popular and commonly used social media platform, it is installed on almost every device. Although its features are the best, there are times when Facebook users encounter issues with their app. If you are an iPhone user and facing some issue with your Facebook app, you can refer to the details provided in this article.

Fix Facebook Not Loading On iPhone issue

If your Facebook app is not working on your iPhone, it could be due to several reasons. To fix Facebook app not working On iPhone issue, you can try the fixes mentioned below:

  • Quit and relaunch Facebook app

The basic fix that might resolve the issue is quitting the Facebook app by closing it completely. Open it after some time and check if it is working.

  • Check for the app update

 When the Facebook app is not working properly, you must check for its update. If there is any available update for the app, you must update it to the latest version.

  • Turn off/on Wi-Fi or mobile network

 Sometimes the issue occurs when the internet is working slow. So, you can try turning off and on, the Wi-Fi or mobile data of your iPhone.

  • Reinstall Facebook app

You can try uninstalling the Facebook app from your iPhone. When you reinstall it after some time, your issue might be fixed.

  • Clear cookies, cache and browsing history

 If you are accessing Facebook through the browser, you must clear its cache, cookies and browsing history. With this, there will be no saved cookies and you can easily access Facebook without interruptions.

  • Restart your phone

Sometimes, when the Facebook app is not working, it might start simply by restarting the iPhone. This action will refresh all the settings.

  • Update iOS version

You must check for the available update of the iOS version. If there is any pending update, you must complete it for the proper of Facebook and other apps.

  • Reset the iPhone settings

 If nothing works and you are still not able to use Facebook, you can reset your iPhone Settings. This must be the last option, as it will reset all the saved settings in your iPhone.

This is how you can fix Facebook app not working On iPhone.

Facebook Support

If you want to know how to fix Facebook app not loading, contact the technical support of Facebook. The details are available on its official website.


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