How To Find Windows Administrator Password

How To Find Windows Administrator Password

An administrator or admin password also known as the password to any account that been created on Windows, and has access to administrator level. In the current versions of Windows such as 10, 8, and 7, most of the primary accounts are setup as the administrator accounts. Hence, it is important to know the Admin password of your device.

Methods To Find Windows Administrator Password 

However, if you have lost access to your Admin password, then worry not as this post help with that. Hence, read further and get to known Find Windows Administrator Password, and also reset it.

Steps To Find Windows Administrator Password

  • In the event, if you are trying to login to the actual "Administrator" account, then simply hit the Enter key without entering anything in the password field.

  • However, it doesn’t work, then Enter the password to your account if you are the primary user. Besides, you’ll also be configured with administrator privileges (also if you have installed the windows by yourself).

  • In case, if another person has accounts on your device, then ask him/her to provide the password as there could be chances that he/she may have set up with administrator access. If this works, then you can also ask the other user to designate you as an administrator as well.

  • Moreover, you can also reinstall the Windows on your device especially the clean type. In this way, you’ll be able to set up a new account from scratch during Windows setup and also setup a new Admin password for the account.

  • Therefore, you should be able to Find Windows Administrator Password without any hassle.

How To Reset Windows 10 Admin Password Using Command Prompt: Steps

The following steps will help you to reset the admin password of your Windows within no time.

  • Press the Win + X keys altogether, then choose the Command Prompt (Admin) option from the menu, and then select Yes for running command prompt as admin.

  • Now, enter the command mentioned below in the Command Prompt window and reset it to local admin password:

  • net user <username> <password>

  • Next, you can create a new admin account with the following commands:

  • net user <username> /add

  • net localgroup administrators <username> /add

Windows Support

Finally, you should be able to successfully reset the admin password & also have a new admin account. However, if you have faced any issues with the aforementioned information, then feel free to get in touch with the experts and get assistance on How to reset Windows 10 admin password using command prompt and finding the Windows Admin password as well.



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