How To Fix Amazon Error Code 1060

How To Fix Amazon Error Code 1060

Many users have reported that they have encountered the error code 1060 on Amazon while they try to stream their favourite Amazon Prime videos. However, this error can be caused due to many reasons but the most prominent is that when the user's device is unable to connect with the Amazon servers. 

A Quick Guide To Fix Amazon Error Code 1060

Now, this could happen due to software or hardware glitch in the user’s streaming devices or they could be a bandwidth issue as well. But there are still some quick ways to fix Amazon error code 1060 that one can follow. Some of them are shared in this easy guide.

Simple Methods Fix Amazon Error Code 1060

Follow the easy ways to get rid of the Amazon error 1060 in your streaming devices.

  • Press The Retry Option On Your Error Message Screen

You can try selecting the “Retry” option on the error code 1060 error message and see if video reloaded.

  • Try Restarting Your Respective Streaming Device

To do this, simply shut down your streaming device, unplug it for a while, re-plug it and then restart it. However, if you are using streaming device such as Roku or Chromecast then you may need to reset them and for that you can refer to the installation guide that came with your device.

  • Ensure That Your Streaming Device Is Connected To An Internet Connection

Firstly, you can check to stream your Amazon videos via using another internet connect and see if it is working as expected. If yes, then you may need to check out your internet connection to fix Amazon error code 1060 on your device. However, you can also try switching between your Wi-Fi connection and mobile hot-spot or eve try plugging in the wired Ethernet connection to improve the speed of your internet connection. Besides, an Ethernet connection can provide you with a faster connection that can help you to stream your Amazon videos smoothly.

  •   Try Rebooting Your Home Network Equipment

Sometimes the issues that you encounter on your streaming devices can occur due to issues with your home network equipment. Hence, try unplugging it for a while, leaving it for a while, plugging it back and then starting it with your home network connection.

Amazon Support

Hence, you should be able to fix Amazon error code 1060 with the above-mentioned information. However, if not then you can try contacting tech-support and get professional assistance on fixing this Amazon error code.




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