How To Fix CRITICAL PROCESS DIED Error In Windows 10

How To Fix CRITICAL PROCESS DIED Error In Windows 10

Critical Process Died signifies that when a critical system process died while displaying its bug check error code 0x000000EF or the blue screen error. If the critical system does not run properly, then there is some sort of issue with the operating system.

Learn The Process To Fix CRITICAL PROCESS DIED Error In Windows 10 

As a result, it will crash and displayed you some errors on the system in Windows 10 like when your PC ran into the problem and it requires to restart. This type of problem occurs when it is required to boot the operating system ended accidentally for some unknowing cause. This error generally occurs after an update of the Windows 10 system or the installation of a new Windows in the system. Let’s move down the street further to fix the issue of the Fix Critical Process Died Stop Code in Windows 10.

Follow The Steps To Fix The Critical Process Died Error In Windows 10

These methods are easy to follow and follow, so be careful while following every solution.

Restart system in safe mode

This error might stop you from working or system is unusable, to fix this error in an instant, just restart it in safe mode. This is a quick way to prevent you from facing this error. Let’s see how it works.

  • First restart windows 10.

  • Following, press shift+F8 before windows start loading to start the recovery process which redirects you to safe mode.

  • Now move to advanced boot options and set boot mode as safe to open the system.

Upgrade all the drivers

Even after restarting the system in safe mode, if you are facing the same error that means the problem is within the device drivers. Generally, the blue screen errors like 0x000000ef might be caused by hardware or drivers. To fix this issue

  • First, enter into the Device manager by giving the command as windows +X.

  • Now it will automatically start checking all the drivers, and if any of the drivers prompt with a yellow mark that signifies the driver to be faulty.

Besides, it is also possible that the hardware drivers are no longer compatible with the system windows even after the upgrade. Therefore, it is mandatory to upgrade all the drivers by right-clicking on the driver and by choosing an Upgrade Driver Software. 

Make use of SFC/Scannow

If you are facing such type of error, then it might be due to corrupted or missing system files. In that case, you can use the SFC/Scannow command to check the system of the file.

  • First, give the input command prompt in the search box.

  • Next, right-click on the command prompt and select run as the administrator to open the window of command.

  • Type SFC/scannow and Enter key and you should wait for at least a few minutes until the system scan finishes.

Customer Support

Besides, above all the points to fix CRITICAL PROCESS DIED error in Windows 10, if you are looking for further assistance, then you can call directly on their support number to get immediate feedback or assistance.




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