How To Fix DeepL Translator Not Working

How To Fix DeepL Translator Not Working

In recent times, DeepL has been a great help for users who does not have a strong command of every language. Lately, many of the users have been complaining about DeepL not working. This is why; we have created this article to help you with the coming issues.

Ways To Fix DeepL Translator Not Working

If you are not able to use DeepL on Browser, you can follow the guideline below to Fix DeepL Not Working 

  • Check if the browser is updated from the 3 dots at the top right corner

  • If it’s not updated, you need to update it before opening the DeepL

  • You can try to open the translator in the incognito mode

  • You can try to disable the browser extension from the Chrome settings.

  • You need to switch off all the extensions and if the translator is working properly, you can try to switch on the extensions one by one to catch the problem

  • Try to delete the cookies and site data

  • You can do that by going to the history and select the Clear browsing data option

  • You can also clear the data according to the categories

  • If you have to change the browser settings, set it to default

  • If DeepL is not working after trying all the above steps, try to switch your browser and proceed with your work

  • Add DeepL extension to your browser 

  • Try to enable the automatic language source detection option

By doing this, you will be able to detect the source of the text and can translate it.

If you are not able to use DeepL on Android, you can follow the guideline below to Fix DeepL Not Working 

Clear cache data:

  • Go to the settings and click on the Apps option

  • Now, locate and tap on the translate app

  • Tap on storage and hit the Clear cache button

  • Press confirm and then re-launch the app

  • If this also doesn’t help you to fix your problem, you can try to reinstall the app on your mobile.

The same process goes for your iOS device as well. 

  • You can open the settings on the iPhone and search for DeepL

  • Find the storage and click on clear cache

  • You will be able to fix the DeepL if not working but the problem still exists, you can try to re-install it from the app store.

DeepL Support

So, this was all about the ways to answer your query of Fix DeepL Translator Not Working. You can also get the help from DeepL support page if this doesn’t fix your problem.



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