How To Fix Discord Connection Issues

How To Fix Discord Connection Issues

Are you facing issues with your Discord connection? Well, a Discord connection that is unable to start can be quite frustrating and can prevent you from sending messages, getting access to your in-app downloaded data, and much more. Besides, the “Connecting” animation message known as the main sign of a Discord connection not working issue.

However, one can easily Fix Discord Connection Issues on their own with the help of the various methods. Here’s how.

Why Your Discord Is Not Working Properly? Reasons

Before you Fix Discord Connection Issues, here are the few causes that you should know about.

  • High volumes of traffic
  • Internet connectivity issues
  • Corrupted app data
  • Custom internet settings.

Quick Methods To Fix Discord Not Connecting Problem

Check Your Discord’s status.

Sometimes it is better to check out the server outage issues on Discord’s official website or through its customer support services.

Check The internet connection

If you are still unable to fix the Discord issues, then you should first check your internet connection. If the connection is down, the you should contact to your internet services provider. Besides, you can also check another application to see if the internet connection is working with it or not.

Turn off the Airplane Mode

The Airplane Mode in your device can be disabled easily through the navigational bar on the top. Besides, it’ll help you to work with your cellular and internet connections. So, if you have accidentally turned on the Airplane mode, then disable it ASAP.

Try Temporarily disabling The Wi-Fi

If you are still unable to Fix Discord Not Working issue, then you can try disabling the WiFi connection. Sometimes disabling it can help you to refresh the network status.

Close The App And Reopen It Properly

Simply try quitting the Discord app, then wait for a while, and then reopen it. This should help you to create a new connection to Discord.

Update Discord

Make sure that you have updated your Discord app to its latest version, and this will help you to connect with the Discord servers without any hassle.

Update The OS

Try updating your operating system in your device be it phone or the PC.  This will help you to configure your Discord app with your device.

Restart The device

Simply rebooting your device can also help you to reconfigure your Discord connection in your device.

Try The Third-Party Service

In the event, if you are using other apps that use internet connection, then you can also turn the off for a while. In this way, you’ll be able to see if they are hindering with your Discord connection.

Moreover, if you are still unable to Fix Discord Not Connecting, then you can contact the tech-experts on Discord customer support, and get their complete assistance.




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