How To Fix Discord Not Opening

How To Fix Discord Not Opening

Discord is one of the greatest tools used by a lot of groups of people, specifically gamers so that they can have a chat room where they can either communicate via chat or via calls as well. Discord can be used on Desktop PC’s, Laptops and Smartphones as well.

Ways To Fix Discord Not Opening

Using discord you can only play a game and can enjoy the conversation with your group of friends playing the multiplayer game or the players you have in the same room. If you are one of them and you use discord on a regular basis and one fine day you find out that your discord is not opening. No worries, you can easily fix the problem and carry on with your work with the help of the below mentioned ways;

Steps To Fix Discord Not Opening

The below-mentioned steps will help you in fixing the problem of discord not opening and you can easily carry on with its service in a hassle free manner;

Restart- Usually, if there’s a problem with the discord application, restarting your device solves the issue as the system starts again, closing all the running applications.

Install again- You can also uninstall the application and install it again so that it removes all the files from your device and you can install the software again with the necessary changes.

Close the application from the Task Manager- Open the Task Manager of your device and close all the running applications from the tray and try opening the discord application after that.

Clear cache and application data- Clear the cache and the local application data which is saved on your device so that if there is any corrupted file, it gets removed.

Check for Updates- Check whether your discord application or your windows needs an update because applications do not work on an obsolete version.

Discord Customer Service

Therefore, with the help of the above-mentioned ways one can easily Fix Discord Not Opening in a hassle free and a timely manner and can enjoy the service provided by Discord and continue their gaming procedure in the chat room of discord with their friends.



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