How to Fix Face­book Keeps Stop­ping Error on Android

How to Fix Face­book Keeps Stop­ping Error on Android

Facebook app has been a part of our lives ever since we started accessing the internet. Today almost a lot of people use Facebook for social networking, sharing pictures and emotions. And such is the popularity of this application that despite the other social media applications, Facebook has established itself as the most vividly used online platform. 

How To Fix Facebook Stopped Working 

We spend a major part of our day scrolling through the internet and in case the application stops working, people get restless. A lot of times, Facebook stops working in between every time you log in. Although this issue is a common error if it's happening continuously then you can try to fix Facebook keeps stopping error with the help of below-given details. 

Steps To Fix Facebook Keeps Stop­ping Error On Android

1. To fix the Facebook app or any other online application not working, check the internet connectivity if your device is attached to the internet connection or not. In case not then try to fix it as soon as possible. 

2. Facebook and all other downloaded applications require updates for performing smoothly. Hence the user needs to keep updating the application from time to time.

3. Make sure to clear all the cache files and cookies of the browser from time to time so that you can log in to Facebook without any problem. 

4. A lot of times there is a server error because of which any user is not able to access the Facebook app. Wait till the technical team resolves the issue themselves.

Facebook Customer Care

And with this, the Facebook app will start working again. In case there is any other issue in the app then you can contact the Facebook customer care team for fixing it.



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