How To Fix Facebook Video Not Playing

How To Fix Facebook Video Not Playing

Facebook was the pioneer in starting the trend of social media platforms that we use to share pictures, exchange messages, etc. With the help of a few steps, you can easily sign up for the Facebook account and start using its features. 

Process To Fix Facebook Video Not Responding

With the help of the Facebook app, you can hear music, share videos, and upload pictures, or do audio/video calls. And now a few users often complain of Facebook video not playing. To find out why is it not working and how to fix it, tap below. 

Reasons Behind Facebook Video Not Working 

1. One of the biggest reasons why Facebook videos stop playing is weak internet conditions. 

2.If you are clicking on the link of that video and it does not play maybe because the video is removed.

3. If your Facebook app's version has become outdated then it won't support certain features. 

Steps To Fix Facebook Videos Not Playing 

There are a lot of users who complain of the above reasons behind Facebook video not playing. And to fix the issue, follow below given methods. 

1. First of all, try to fix your weak internet connection. To run Facebook you need a strong internet connection hence remember that. 

2. Keep the Facebook app updated and upgrade it from time to time. The outdated versions of the app might disable certain features of the app. 

3. Clear all the cache files and cookies so that the app is space free for downloads. 

4.If instead of the app, you access Facebook through any browser then log out of the app and try to log in again. Doing this, you will be able to play the videos. 

5. If you are using browsers like Google chrome then try to update it regularly for the maximum efficiency. 

Facebook Support

And hence you are done! By following the above steps, you can solve the error of Facebook video not playing in chrome or any other platform. For doubts, contact customer care. 

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