How To Fix Google Assistant Not Working

How To Fix Google Assistant Not Working

How To Fix Google Assistant Not Working

Google Assistant is one of the finest services offered by Google. But there are times when users face issues with their Google Assistant in their devices. However, the issue can be caused by various reasons such as poor internet connectivity, device issues, OS incompatibility, etc. But one can still troubleshoot the Google Assistant issues without any hassle. Here’s how.

Top Hacks To Troubleshoot Google Assistant Not Working

Try Rebooting Your Phone

It is the simplest way to Fix Google Assistant not working and you can easily fix all kinds of tech-issues in your device by just restarting your device. Hence, press that power button for a while, then tap on the Restart option to fix the Google Assistant issues.

Ensure That The Google Assistant Is Enabled In Your Device

Simply check that your mobile device is compatible with the Google Assistant services. And also the language is set to your preferred one. Thereafter, again reboot your device and see if the Google Assistant is working properly.

Turn On the Google Assistant

In case, if the previous solutions couldn’t help you, then you can try enabling the Google Assistant in your device with the help of the following steps.

  • Navigate to the Google app, then hit the More option, and then tap “Settings”.
  • Now, select “Google Assistant.”, then scroll down to the General option, tap on it, and then toggle on the switch next to “Google Assistant”.
  • Therefore, you should be able to turn on the Google Assistant in your device, and then try saying “OK Google, or “Hey Google.” To see if the Assistant works properly.

Setup The Voice Model

Another way to Fix Google Assistant not working is to re-setup the Voice model for it. In this way, it’ll be able to recognize your voice properly. Here’s how you can do it.

  • Get to the Google app, then select More, and then tap “Settings.”
  • Now, tap on the “Voice” option, then select “Voice Match”, and then hit the slider next to the “Hey Google” option.
  • Next, tap on the “Next” option, and then hit the “I agree” option.
  • Now, you’ll see the “Agree to Voice Match” section, and then follow the on-screen prompts to setup the voice model.
  • Finally, say word such as “OK Google” or “Hey Google” a few times and see If the assistant responds properly.

Upgrade The Google App

In the end, if your Google Assistant app is still not working, then it is time to update it. The following steps will help you with this.

  • Go to the Settings section, then move to the Apps option, and then select the Google app.
  • Now, select Permissions and then allow the microphone to get access to your device.

Google Customer Service

Moreover, if you are still unable to Fix Google Assistant not workingthen kindly reach out to the tech assistant at Google and get their help. In addition, they’ll also assist you with the best solutions and information to ensure that your app works properly.



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