How To Fix Google One Not Working

How To Fix Google One Not Working

Google released a subscription service that made rounds as Google one in the market. It basically refers to the Cloud service released by Google to provide users with expandable Cloud storage. As a part of Google one Cloud storage, every user gets to have 15 gigabytes of storage that is absolutely free and could be shared through Gmail, Google drive and Google photos. 

Google one came as an addition to the earlier released Google Drive which was a paid service.  However, if you look at Google one, it is a subset of Google Drive and taking a subscription of Google one allows users a scope to expand space on the purchased Google drive.

What are the ways available to fix Google one not working issues? 

If you are met with certain complications while availing Google One facilities then you have come to the exact right place. The next thing that is going to unfold in this paper is surely going to help you fix Google One issues and problems. All you are required to do is follow until the end and without much further ado, let us get straight into this. 

Steps To Fix Google One Not Working

In order to Fix Google One Not Working, users are advised to stick to the steps that are mentioned down under: 

In case of an android device, users are recommended to follow the steps that are mentioned below: 

  • First and foremost, users are required to upload files and folders. Once you have uploaded a file on Google Drive, it will automatically use some space on your drive, despite saving the file to a folder that is owned by someone else. The type of file that can be stored in Google Drive  could be of the following formats: document, Images, Audio, Video files. For adding files to Google Drive, users are required to open the Google Drive app. Hit the ‘Add’ option followed by the Upload option. Select the files that you would like to upload and you are done.

  • You could also make use of the Google drive files offline. For doing so, users are required to save files for offline use. For doing so, users need to open the Google Drive app, select the More option and finally turn on the ‘Available offline’ option and you are done.

  • Another option available to get rid of Google one issues is you can try deleting/restoring files that you have saved on Google drive. So what you need to do is send files to trash, empty your trash , empty your entire trash and then you could go to recover a file from trash.

If you are met with declined payment issues and would like to fix Google One not working then you could stick to troubleshooting the same. Go for updating your payment method to resolve payment related problems as far as Google One is concerned.

Google One Support

You could also connect with the customer service representatives at Google One in order to get rid of the issues that are faced by Google One users. You could get in touch with the customer service department over call or an email. Drop an email on the customer service email address. You could also visit the official support page at Google to get your Google One queries addressed.  The support community at Google provides ample assistance on things that are related to Google and its products and services that are utilised by users from across the world. 

I hope the inclusion of this paper have helped you with Fix Google One Not Responding issue. 



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