How To Fix Instagram Not Working

How To Fix Instagram Not Working

On the digital platform of internet where there are a lot of social media trending, there is one application Instagram getting all the attention! There was a time when people used to be obsessed with Facebook and now that application has been replaced by Instagram. 

Ways To Fix Instagram Not Working

Such is the craze for Instagram that now people are active there most of the time sharing pictures/videos, going live and what not. But just in case, if you ever find that the Instagram has stopped working then? Though it’s a rare thing that application stops working but still there are a lot of people who complain of this issue. But if you know about the steps to fix Instagram not working then issue will be solved in no time.

Just like any other normal application, all you need to find out is a few basic troubleshooting methods to fix Instagram Not Loading. To find out more about the methods, scroll down.

Steps To Fix Instagram Not Responding

1.Update your operating system

 For installing or using Instagram, you need to have a Smartphone or maybe a laptop. And to make sure that your laptop or mobile works complete fine to support the heavy online applications, then you need to update your operating system. There are a lot of people who continue using the outdated version of the Operating system and hence to fix it, you need to update or Instagram won’t work.

2.Re-install the Instagram

Just in case, the application is not working then try to remove the Instagram from your device. Now once done, you can easily reinstall it with the updated version. Mostly any application stops working if you have not updated It from a long time.

3.If the Instagram gets down

At times the issue is not with the internet or your device but the application. A lot of times, due to some technical glitch, Instagram stop working and hence people are not able to log in. Thus you can wait till the server error or the issue with the application is fixed by their own team.

4.Clear all the cache file and cookies

Due to excessive browsing, a lot of cache gets collected in the search history and hence to fix the application, clear the cache files.

And thus with this, you can fix Instagram Not Responding easily and without any hassle.

Contacting Instagram Customer Care Team

However if due to any issue, you are not able to Fix Instagram Not Responding, then you can even contact the customer care team for more.

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