How To Fix Instagram Will Not Let Me Log In

How To Fix Instagram Will Not Let Me Log In

Instagram has swiftly been able to grab billions of users around the world and this image and video sharing application has becomes of the top social media apps in the world. This social media platform has become an instrumental part of almost everyone’s life. Now, there are times when user face issues with their account login and that can really make them terribly annoying.

Guide To Fix Login Issues & Suspicious Login Attempts On Instagram

But sometimes things just not end here as many of the users face suspicious login attempts in their account and this is where there annoyance gets bigger and turns into scary frustration. Hence, if you are also an Instagram fan and have been facing login issues as well as suspicious activities how to fix Instagram will not let me log in problem and prevent the account from unknown login attempts.

Quick Methods To Solve Instagram Login Issue

The following fixes will help you get rid of Instagram login issues in no time.

  • Turn Your Device To Off And On

Turn off your device such as Smartphone or tablet or simply try the Force Close feature to exit the Instagram application. In this way, you should be able to solve the login error but it is better to reboot the device to promptly resolve the issue.

  • Check Your Wi-Fi Connection

There might be times that you’ll be unable to login to your account due to poor internet connection and as result you would see the login error on your screen. However, rebooting the Wi-Fi connection or the router device can be a better option. Or you can try switching to the mobile data for a while to see if everything works properly.

  • Reset The Time & Date In Your Smartphone

You’ll need to check your phone’s date and time settings or simply change them to manual. Here’s how.

  • Move to the Settings section and then select System
  • Here select Date & Time and then toggle off the “Use Network provided time” option
  • Reboot the device and then see if the instagram app works fine
  • Get Rid Of The App’s Cache And Data

Corrupted app cache files can cause serious error to your application. This is why you’ll need to remove them from your device. Here’s how.

  • In your Android device, go to the settings and then to All the apps
  • Find the Instagram app and then select the “cache and data”
  • Clear the data and then force stop the application and restart it

Moreover, you can also try logging into your Instagram account via using multiple devices such as tablet, smart phone or PC. In this way, you may be able to fix Instagram will not let me log in problem. Furthermore, here’s what you need to get rid of suspicious login attempts in to your account.

How To Avoid Suspicious Login Attempts On Instagram

So basically if you want to know how to fix suspicious login attempt Instagram then you must know the reason that is causing such an issue. Well, usually when you login into your account from the same device or location then hackers or the other unknown person may crack your device’s IP address and this is why it becomes quite easier to hack the username and password. This is why you may see the ‘We Detected an Unusual Login Attempt.’ – Message on your screen.

Therefore, it is better to get in touch with the tech-support professionals to know how to fix suspicious login attempt instagram and make your account safe.



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