How To Fix Quickbooks Payroll Error

How To Fix Quickbooks Payroll Error

Nowadays in businesses, Quickbooks Payroll is widely used for the payroll services in accounting. Using this service and its features, you can just simplify the business tasks, as it mainly used for paying the company employees. If you are facing any error while using Quickbook Payroll related error, you can easily fix Quickbooks Payroll Error using the details provided in this article.

Common Reasons Of Quickbooks Payroll Error

When you encounter Payroll error in Quickbooks, it might be due to the following reasons:

  • Sometimes a tax table file saved in the Payroll folder is damaged.

  • Your Quickbooks software is not registered.

  • You have entered incorrect billing information.

  • The company file of Quickbooks is damaged.

  • In some cases, the issue comes up when you update the Quickbooks software to the latest version.

  • Due to invalid employer identification number.

Fixes For Quickbooks Payroll Error

To fix Quickbooks Payroll Error, you need to try out some common fixes as mentioned below:

  • Run a repair on Quickbooks

  1. Click the Start button and select the Control Panel.

  2. Double-click on the option of Add or Remove Programs.

  3. Then, select the program of Quickbooks and click on Change/Remove.

  4. In the installation window, click Next.

  5. Select the repair option and finally click on Finish.

  • Uninstall and Reinstall Quickbooks

  1. Go to Windows Start and then Control Panel.

  2. Under Programs, click Uninstall.

  3. Select the payroll program you want to uninstall.

  4. Click on Uninstall and wait for some time.

  5. Once it is done, restart the system and reinstall the Quickbooks software.

  • Rename CPS folder

  1. Initially, you need to update Quickbooks Payroll Tax Table.

  2. If the error is still there, go to My Computer and then C drive.

  3. Navigate to the CPS folder in Quickbooks folder.

  4. You can try renaming the CPS folder and check whether the issue is resolved or not.

  • Disable User Account Control

  1. Open the Windows Run program.

  2. Type Control Panel and click OK.

  3. Click on the option of User accounts and select the classic view option.

  4. Go to the option of change user account control settings and select Never Notify.

Quickbooks Support

If you are still not able to fix Quickbooks Error, you can get in touch with the technical support team of Quickbooks. The executives of support are easily available when you use the contact page of Quickbooks for the info. To reach them, you have the options of call, email or live chat.

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