How To Fix Verizon Fios Not Working

How To Fix Verizon Fios Not Working

Guide To Resolve The Verizon FiOS & Streaming Issues

Verizon FiOS being one of the popular internet services provide that is quite popular among millions of users. Its reliable communication services and fiber optic internet services, also make it famous among the users. But there are times when users do face issues with their Verizon FiOS that might be sometimes head aching and cause other communication problems to the users.  But one can easily fix the Verizon FiOS & their streaming issues on their own. Here’s how.

Reasons Why Your Verizon FiOS Is Not Working

The following are the common reasons that might cause your Verizon Fios not working.

  • Slow/no internet connection

  • Issues with Verizon gateway router

  • Verizon Wi-Fi /Wi-Fi connection issues

Ways To Fix Verizon FiOS Issue

Check The Internet Connection First

Firstly, make sure that your internet connectivity is properly active, and also your wireless or wired connection is working properly. However, your router and other connectivity devices must be set up properly.

Reset The Verizon Gateway Router

If you are Verizon Gateway router is not working, then there might be chances that it can also lead your Verizon Fios not working. Hence get your router checked and then you should be able to enjoy your connectivity.

Reasons Why Your Verizon FiOS Streaming Problems Is Persisting

  • There might be chances that your preferred streaming platform could be causing the streaming issues due to bug or server. However, if your streaming problem is not happening from the platform’s end, then there something wrong with your connection or the router device.

  • Alternatively, you can also run the speed test and see if the Internet bandwidth’s speed is faster than 5 Mbps for streaming HD quality videos and more than 25 Mbps for an Ultra HD videos.

Methods To Fix Verizon FiOS Streaming Problems

  •  At first, you’ll need to reboot your router and your streaming device such as computer, tablet, phone, etc.

  • Then stay near the wireless router, or you can also use the wired connection to stream your videos.

  • Also you can exit from other background programs that might be running and using bandwidth, and the chances are high that they may be slowing sown your internet’s speed.

  • Disable the hardware acceleration feature in your web browser or the streaming app’s settings.

  • Moreover, if you have access to another internet connection, then you can use that along with your home Internet simultaneously for faster streaming experience.

Verizon Support

Furthermore, if you seek further assistance on how to Fix Verizon FiOS Streaming Problems or the Verizon FiOS issues, then contact the tech-experts at Verizon and get better assistance.



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