Get Pinterest Technical support to resolve your Pinterest queries

Get Pinterest Technical support to resolve your Pinterest queries

Pinterest : The Photo sharing social media giant

Smartphone has usher a new Mobile revolution and the various social media site has added much to its rise. These days billions of people are experiencing this power of socal media and as well as making a powerful medium to share and increase one's thought . people interaction with various social media post has made it a powerful medium to interact with friends and promotes one business . One such social media site is Pinterest . pinterest customer service phone number provides excellent solution to their customer in order to resolve any queries .

Get Technical support to resolve your queries

Pinterest is major photo sharing social media website where user from of all groups of certain age can upload, save , sort and manage their image in the form of pins. It's a social media platform that allow user to promote their thoughts and share their emotion or help business to reach their target as well as wider audience. This app help user in enhancing the experience by offering better personalization as well as creating a unique brand presence. But new user do faces certain technicalities issue regarding how to sign up on pinterest One can contact their pinterest tech support or follow some of these common procedure :

First of all, open the pinterest app or visit their website .

Tap or click on the P button and hit red button on the near of the screen .

One can also click on sig with the facebook.

Then type your email address in the address box .

Then type your password in the password box. Make sure it is alpha numberic and strong .

Then tap next and select your gender .

Tap and select the five topic to be considered by as your prefered choice .

Then tap next on in order to build your profile by pinterest.

Are you a Pinterest user or a business who use the services of this social media giant. Then one must known the benefits of using as a medium to promote the site. One of the issue new user face is regarding how to upload photos on the Pinterest . One can take the help of Pinterest Customer support or follow some of the common procedure :

First of login into your pinterest website .

Click on add button in the top of the menu bar .

Click on the upload a pin in the Add panel .

Click on the browse button and choose the file from your desktop .

Navigate to select the image file you want to upload and click on the open button .

Pull down the pinboard list in the Upload a Pin panel and select the board to which you'd like to pin this image.

Enter a short (500 characters or less) text description of or comment on this image into the Describe Your Pin box.

Click the red Pin It button.Pinterest uploads the image from your computer to the selected pinboard and displays it onscreen

of all, go to the Pinterest website.

If you are user which likes to make it browsing personal, then one need to either run into incognito mode or delete one's history frequently. They can do it by following these procedures :

Open the pinterest app and login through it .

Enter your email address and password .

Then type on your profile icon which at the bottom of right corner of screen .

Further click on the setting gears which at top right corner of your screen.

Then click on Edit settings .

Tap on clear borrowsing history . Once you clikc on it your history is cleared .

Sometimes in certain cases user do faces some serious problem Then one can kindly contact the pinterest helpline number where you will get their right suggestion from the technical experts. Their 24*7 working tech support team will make sure that your problem should get solved in immediate manner.




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