Gmail Not Working on Iphone Or Android

Gmail Not Working on Iphone Or Android

Today Gmail app is very slow or it is not syncing automatically on your Android phone. Or maybe you are facing problem in composing an email, loading new email, downloading an attachment, getting an error as account not synced. It is, however, a rare scenario. We must say it is one of the nastiest days of your life. Interestingly, Gmail is not beyond the technical problems despite the leading email service provider. Here you will get to know five simple yet highly effective ways to get rid of your problem – Gmail not working.

How to fix gmail error on Androd or Iphone

Update your Gmail app :- Update your Gmail app if your Android phone or tablet is running out of space, syncing won't work. The same process is also effective in resolving the slow performance issue.


Restart your device :- Restarting the Android phone is one of the most trusted ways to deal with Gmail issues on Android or iPhone. It takes a few seconds, but effective when Gmail does not work on Android or Gmail does not work on iPhone.


Turn off airplane mode :- Turning off the airplane mode is the other highly recommended method of resolving Gmail's performance issue. To do that, open your device's [Settings] app and click on [Network & Internet]. Turn off the Airplane mode then.


Uninstall apps you don't use :- To manage the space management on your phone, you can clear space on your device by the un-installation of less used apps. It is an effective solution when Gmail not working due to out of space deice. Also, delete downloaded files such as Google Play music, books, movies, and TV shows.



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