Google Couldn't Verify This Account Belongs To You Or Me

Google Couldn't Verify This Account Belongs To You Or Me

There are times when Google may lose the password of their account. In such cases, sometimes, users get worried about the account recovery as they find an error message on the screen every time they try to log in to a Google account.

Fix Issue Google Can’t Verify Account

Well, if you are seeing a verification problem with your account during the password reset and worrying to reset it. Then you can verify your ownership through the given ways:

  • Getting a verification code through SMS on your recovery phone number (650) 253-0000 or 1-820-333-2691

  • Through a password reset link on your recovery email address or make a call for help

  • By answering the security questions that you had set while creating the account

Using any of the methods, you will stop wondering about Google cannot verify my account and you can reset your account password easily. Moreover, you can go through the steps mentioned below to get your Google account verified.

What Can Be Done If Google Could Not Verify This Account Belongs To You

Have you ever been in a situation when you are continuously trying to recall the password but you are unable to do so? Sometimes, it happens that you have to check your mail urgently and you have to log into your account just to check that mail. It is actually very annoying and we freak out in this situation.

Recovery of your Google account:

However, if you are facing the issue of Google could not verify this account belongs to you, then you have to take the necessary steps to fix the issue. For this, you can read this article and take assistance. To get to know about the procedure of fixing this, follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • The first step that a user should take is to go to the login page of Gmail and enter the email address in the text field provided.
  • You have to enter the password now when you will be prompted. If you don’t know the password of your account, you have to click on the “Forgot password” option.
  • Then, you have to fill in the last password that you remember and then tap on the “Try another way” option for recovering the account.
  • In the next step, you will receive the reset link to your recovery email address. If you have chosen the option of the phone, then you will get the verification code on your recovery phone number. It will totally be dependent on the choice you will make.
  • You have to now enter the verification code in the space provided or you have to click on the link received in your email address. This will take you to the password recovery page.
  • There, you have to create a new password for your account and you have to confirm the password by clicking on the “Save Changes” option.

You can also choose the option of answering the security questions if you are unaware of your email address or phone number. To do this, you have to follow the same procedure but instead of recovery email or phone number, you have to answer the security questions correctly. Then, you will be taken to the password reset page.

This is the process that you have to follow if Google could not verify your account. the customer support of Google account is of great help to the users who face these kinds of issues.

Call To Google Customer Service Agents Here

  • Google Customer Service Number USA                 (650) 253-0000
  • Google Customer Service Number Malaysia           1-800-887-774
  • Google Customer Service Number Netherlands      0800-4500-001, 0900-0401-069
  • Google Customer Service Number New Zealand     0800-957-854
  • Google Customer Service Number Mexico              01-800-083-5649
  • Google Customer Service    Canada                         1-877-355-5787
  • Google Customer ServiceHong Kong                        307-13746   
  • Google Phone Number Chile                                      123-002-00551 562-261-88298
  • Google Columbia                                                         01-800-518-2904
  • Google Customer Care France                                     0805-540-801
  • Google Phone Number  Vietnam                                 1800-4919
  • Google Customer Service UK                                    0800-169-0455

How Would You Verify Your Google Account Using Phone Number

  • You need to simply go to the recovery page of Google

  • Then you should enter the username and click Next.

  • Further, you have to fill in the last password if you remember otherwise click the Try another way option.

  • Next, for the recovery option, you need to choose the phone number to verify your ownership. A phone number will be displayed, select it if you have access.

  • After that, a verification code will be sent to you via text message, provide that code in the given space and click Next.

  • In this way, you would find the password reset option where you have to create a new password and confirm it.

  • Once you confirm the password, you should finish the process by clicking the Save Changes option at the bottom of the screen.

About Google Account Recovery Process

Google has become a very important part of everyone’s life in today’s world. A large number of people use the services and products of Google across the globe for various purposes. The users link almost every account to their Google account. This makes it easy for them to sign in to their different accounts because they can do it with the same login credentials. 

But, what if a user loses access to his/her Google account. This can be very annoying and can make it difficult for the users to access their different accounts and other important data. But this issue can be fixed within no time. To fix this, the users need to follow a very simple Google Account Recovery procedure. This procedure can help the users to get back their Google account.

How To Recover A Google Account

  1. Google users first need to head over to the Sign-in page of Google.

  2. Now the Google users need to enter the username of their lost Google account and head over to the next page.

  3. On the next page, Google users need to click on the Forgot Password option.

  4. Google users are now required to enter the last password that they remember.

  5. Now the Google users need to move ahead to the Google account verification section.

  6. Google users need to verify their account by following the instruction and move to the password reset page.

  7. Google users are now required to reset their Google account password and confirm it by entering the password again.

  8. Google users need to save the changes now.

After completing the recovery procedure, users can try to log in to their Google account using the new password. If the users need assistance on their Google Account Recovery, then they can contact the Google support team. They will surely get immediate assistance on their account recovery from a Google live person.   

How Do I Bypass Google Verification

Steps to Proceed with Bypass Google Verification! 

  1.  Unlock your device and go to its settings by tapping on the gear icon of the phone. 

  2. Select the “Cloud and Accounts” option from the various settings that get displayed in front of you. 

  3. When the new screen is displayed, tap the “Accounts” option and find the Google account and select it. 

  4. Now you need to tap on the three dots from the to-right corner and then choose the “Remove Account” option. 

  5. A small dialogue box gets displayed in front of you asking you to confirm the choice. Tap on “Remove Account” once again to confirm. 

  6. The account will be removed. Now, open the account once again and then go to enter the login credentials once again. 

  7. Proceed by entering the username and then tap “Next”. 

  8. Now enter the password, and tap “Next”. Proceed with the onscreen instructions and you will see that you have completed Google verification. 

Therefore, with the help of the above steps, you come to know how to proceed with bypass Google account verification without any hassle. You also have the option to use the factory reset option to proceed with the Google verification Bypass process. In case of any help, you are free to contact customer service.     

How Do I Retrieve My Google Account If Google Couldn't Verify Account

There is nothing more annoying than losing access to the Google account because of a forgotten password or hacked account problem. Luckily, Google has an option using which one can still manage to restore their account. So, to help users looking for recovery details, here are the quick instructions that one can follow. 

A) Recovering Google account if you forgot email id

For the users who are failing to access their Google account because of the forgotten email id, they can follow the instructions mentioned below:

  • Open the Find my Email page on the preferred browser. 
  • On the particular page, enter the phone or recovery email of the account.
  • After that, mention the full name of the user and proceed. 
  • And then the user can access their account easily. 

B) Recovering Google account in case of forgotten password

The users who have forgotten the password for their Google account can follow the quick instructions of Google Account Recovery mentioned below:

  • Mention the email or phone linked on the Google recovery page+1-807-698-5511
  • Further, mention the last password for the account and continue.
  • If the account is not verified, the user can request a code on the linked email or phone.
  • Also, one can even answer the security questions linked to the Google account.
  • Further, the user can pick either of the options and verify their Google account. 

c) Recovering A Hacked Google Account

Another way to perform Google Account Recovery for a hacked account, the user can check out the quick steps provided below:

  • On the recovery page, mention the email or phone number linked to the account. 
  • Further, the user can pick recovery via the security questions option. 
  • And then, the user can provide answers to the questions linked to the account and complete the verification. 
  • After the account is verified, the user can reset the account password and access the account easily.

How Do I Fix Couldn't Find My Google Account

Are you not able to find your Google account? This can be very annoying and you can lose access to all the other accounts linked to your Google account. So, it is very important to fix this issue related to your Google account.

Google is famous for its services and products related to Google. In today’s world, we all use Google services and products for different purposes. At this point of dependency, when a user loses access to the Google account can be a huge loss. So, the issue needs to be fixed immediately. To fix could not find my Google account, Google users need to follow a very simple procedure. This procedure will surely help the users in fixing the issue.

Steps To Fix Could Not Find My Google Account

If you are unable to find your Google account then you need to use some very simple hacks to get your account back.

  • First, you need to check your login credentials that you are using for signing in to your Google account. If you have mistakenly entered the wrong login credentials, then correct the credentials and then try to sign in again.

  • If the login credentials are correct, then try to sign in using another web browser to see whether the same issue is occurring on that or not.

  • If the same issue is occurring again, then you need to perform the account recovery action. For this, you need to head over to the recovery page of Google and follow the recovery procedure.

If you are still not sure about how to fix could not find my Google account? Then you can contact the customer support team of Google for instant help on this.

Ways To Contact Google Customer Service 

Google products and services are quite popular, and a lot of people around the world are using one or more among them. Other than that, the customer support service of Google is also quite efficient. If any person faces some trouble while using Google services, they are free to contact the support center anytime for obtaining help from a technical expert. To know more brief details about the ways to get help from Google customer service and the benefits of receiving support from them, follow the details below.

  • The customer care number of Google is one way of contacting to obtain support service for the new and existing customer both. The phone number service of Google is toll-free and connects directly to a live agent
  • Live chat of Google is another way of contacting customer services from them. The online chat box is accessible from the official website of Google and connects the customer to a live agent immediately
  • Email support is also available to get connected to Google customer service for any issues related assistance. The email service of Google is a bit slower in providing a response in comparison to other ways

Benefits To Contact Google Customer Support

  • 24/7 support is the main benefit of connecting to the customer service of Google and get help from a live agent
  • Live assistance is available directly from a technical expert by contacting the customer support of Google
  • Customer service of Google is reliable as the help is given by a well-trained team of customer care representative

All people can rely on Google customer service completely, as they assist through a well-trained team of executives who have all the technical knowledge. Agent available at the customer support center of Google knows how to handle the queries of the customer and provide them satisfaction.

Google Live Person

Live person service helps to get the solution of the issue in real-time. There are many times when users face issue while working with Google so in that case, Live person service helps a lot in getting the problem solved. Follow the below guidelines and get the live person service without any hassle.

How To Contact Google Live Person

Read the below guidelines in order to contact the Gmail representative through Google telephone number in a very simple and easy manner.

  • Launch the browser on your device then go to the official website of Google and visit the contact section

  •  A toll-free number will be available on the screen, dial the toll-free number

  • IT will assist the users to get help and it will also connect the user with the right customer care representative.  .

  • With help of this live service, the user can easily ask any doubt or change the password, ask for any kind of query, recovering an account and so on.

  • The customer care number is also very helpful to reach out for help instantly.

  • chat service is also provided by Google through which users can easily text the issues and soon they will get back an appropriate answer.

  • The toll-free number will help the user to get all the solutions and it will also help if their ID got hacked.

For any further complaint or other problems, users can go to the official website of google and even send a  mail to them regarding anything. Google Live Person will help you in all ways possible. Also, ensure to reach out to them in its official toll-free number in order to get the perfect solution. Goggle is known to provide one of the best services and facilities all around the world without any hassle. Hope the above step helped you to reach out to the representative.  

Why Does Google Ask For Verification Of My Account

Google is one of the best online products that you can use safely. But have you ever wonder why using Google is secure and safe to operate? You may not, or might be. If you see Google verification whenever you are open your account or run the Google Account Recovery process, then you should know the reasons. There are plenty of reasons behind it, and you can know major ones by going through this blog. 

Reasons Why Google Not Verifying Account

  • Protect from external malware activities 

Here when you are getting the spam email quite often, then it may hurt your privacy. To avoid this, Google runs the verification to identify the current issue and remove them. This one is a major reason why you should always verify your account. 

  • Not using by robots 

When the account is hacked, or someone is operated with robots, then it can affect the mails receiving and sending option. So, to check whether the account is operated by a real person or the account owner, such a verification process occurs. Even you can save the data and vital information from being hacked. 

  • To detect suspicious activities 

Yes, you must have signed your Google account in a different system or some public system. Now, it can bring many issues, like some other person may get the information like login credential. So to avoid such condition, Google sends you a notification that your account is open at a particular place and name the device. Now, you can run the verification process and change the password before an unknown person login in. Yes, it may happen that you are operating on some other device, and in this case, you can click on “yes, it’s me” to skip the verification process. 

Now, you can understand why verification is essential for the process, like Google Account Recovery and operating an account on another device. If it happens every time, you can connect with a support person and know the solution. 

Google Support

With the completion of the above steps, you will don't have the problem that 'Google cannot verify my account belongs to me' and you will be accessing your account without any flaw.

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