Why Is Google Discover Not Working

Why Is Google Discover Not Working

Since Google launched the Google Discover feature, people using google feed showed a drastic change. Google Discover helps the users to read and look for the content that matters to them. It discovers the news and updates in a more personalized way for the users. Generally, when you open up Google, the discovery feed refreshes automatically and show you the relevant content according to your interests and search history. However, sometimes, it does not refresh. You might worry, 'Why is google discover not working?' Well, do not worry and follow the steps given below to fix Google Discover not working issue. 

Fix Google Discover Not Working

Google Discover provides the news and updates in a more personalized way for the users. Every time you refresh your google app or webpage, it shows you the personalized articles relevant to your interests. However, a sign-in error might occur due to which the stories in your feed do not load. It can happen due to the following reasons: 

  • When you have not signed in to your Google account, or there is an issue signing into it.

  • The feed does not refresh when the user does not have proper internet connectivity.

  • The problem can persist if you are not cleaning the cache files from time to time.

How To Fix Google Discover Not Working Issue

When the feed is not working, a blank screen with either just the search bar or nothing at all will appear. Sometimes, the screen gets stuck on a spinning icon without loading any data. To fix this, follow the steps mentioned below:

  • Restart your phone

Sometimes, the error is not with the server but your phone or network. Restarting your phone can help in bringing back the Google Feed.

  • Enabling the Discover in Google Application

If you use the Google Feed in the Google app, check whether the Discover is enabled or not. In case it is disabled, the Discover option will not work.

  • Clearing the cache files and data

You can also try to clear cache files and data for both the Google app and Google Play services. It will not clear the personal data from your device.

  • Update the app and the browser

Sometimes, the problems appear due to an outdated version of the Google app. Updating the app can solve the issue. If you are using Google on a system, make sure your browser version is updated too.

  • Check the connected account

Make sure the Google account you are using has no issues and showing no sign-in errors.

Google Helpline

Now you can understand the possible reasons why is Google Discover not working on your phone or PC. However, following the methods mentioned above, you can easily fix Google Discover not working issue.




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