How do I Fix My Netgear Router

How do I Fix My Netgear Router

Are you stuck with your Netgear router? or is it creating a fuzz while working? Well, many reasons can affect the working of Netgear, like you might have internet issues, it doesn't have appropriate settings, the modem is damaged, etc.

However, whatever the issue is, you can Fix a Netgear router not working in a very simple manner. Here we have covered up some very useful troubleshooting tips below that you can use to fix the issues.

Let's first check out how the Netgear router works?

When your router is not set up correctly, it also creates a problem. 

  • First, set up your router correctly. 

  • Then plug into the power source and then hit the turn on the button if your router doesn't turn on automatically.

  • Your router Wi-Fi network SSID should display in your Wi-Fi settings.

  • Now select your network and then choose the connect option. Then enter the password, which you can get alongside the network name.

If you wonder why is my NETGEAR modem not connecting to the internet, make sure the modem is set up correctly. Verify that it is connected to the yellow port on the router with an ethernet cable.

Troubleshoot your modem if you can connect to the Wi-Fi network but cannot access the internet. If you cannot connect to the router, it can happen because of interference from physical objects or other devices, wrong password; router firmware is out of date, etc.

Whatever the reason is, you can now follow the tips below to fix the issue with your router.

Troubleshooting tips to fix Netgear wireless router 

There are many times when we are not aware of the reason and wonder why did my Netgear router stopped working. If you don't know the exact reason and want to fix the Netgear router issue, you can check out the troubleshooting tips below.

Restart the router:- The first step is you restart your router, and to do this, unplug the power supply and wait for a few seconds and unplug it back. A restart will fix most of the temporary technical hiccups and glitches.

Move the router closer:- most of the time, walls, other physical items, or electronics disrupt your router's signal. You can place your router in the center of the home to reach all the corners; if it does not reach, go ahead with the wifi extender.

Upgrade your router's firmware:- Sometimes, the older version also creates a glitch, so you should search your model on the Netgear website and find out the updated firmware from there.

Replace the antenna:-Every router needs an antenna, and you must use the best one. In case it is damaged, try to find a replacement online. 

Change the router's IP address: If your default gateway IP address is changed, change it back to the default one. 

Change the wifi channels:- Your router may also create an issue because too many devices are assigned, so try to split them into two channels by selecting the best wireless channels for every device. 

Reset your router:- Resetting your router brings it to the original default form. Resetting router, you can lose any customer preference of your set up. After resetting, you can sign in to your modem with the default username and password.

Switch DNS servers:- In case the Netgear router not working after reset, go ahead with switching the DNS server. You can try connecting with various public DNS servers to fix the issue.

Replace/Repair your modem: If you tried everything but are still unable to fix the issue, you can have a hardware-related issue. So, in that case, you can replace your modem if possible or repair it.

By following the above information, you can fix a Netgear router not working. Moreover, if you cannot fix the issue, you can also speak to the Netgear customer representative and get further information and assistance.



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