How Long Does It Take For Facebook To Delete A Hacked Account

How Long Does It Take For Facebook To Delete A Hacked Account

Facebook account is a top-notch social media platform that works for all small businesses and professional users. ‚ÄčIt is essential to secure your Facebook account from hacking by someone else, but if it is hacked and you don't want to use your Facebook account, you can delete your hacked Facebook account quickly. 

How To Erase A Hacked Facebook

When you notice that your Facebook account is hacked and most crucial details have been stolen from your Facebook account, make a firm decision to put off your Facebook account quickly. However, suppose you wish to know how to erase a hacked Facebook. In that case, you must consider studying the appropriate steps provided by the expert team to assist you at a particular time properly.    
  • At first, launch an internet browser and visit the Facebook account sign-in page and enter the specific user ID and password to access,
  • If your account is compromised by someone else, ensure you want to retrieve it using some relevant verification information, or you can erase it.
  • You will see a link that redirects the page to enter the email address, click on the search button, and choose an email that you wish to erase.
  • Enter the new password and select the secondary email you wish to erase check the new email periodically and confirm to erase your hacked FB account.
  • You will get a message that you need to reply and enter the yes button to erase your FB account, and your account will be erased within two days. 

How to delete hacked Facebook account

This global social media network is brilliant in properly connecting with millions of active members. Facebook accepts appropriate user ID and password to access and check the personal stored data you can store on your Social media account suitably. But it is hacked, and you can't access it; you can consider deleting it soon. If you want to know how to delete hacked Facebook Account, go through the specific tips provided by the professional team.
  • Beforehand, ensure you have accessed your FB account but can't access it; click on forgot password to recover it quickly.
  • You can enter the mobile phone number, get a verification code, and get a link to enter the new password soon.
  • After recovering your FB, if you can't see the relevant data of your profile and are unable to contact your friends, go to the settings.
  • You must click on the delete option and select the confirm button and delete your account without wasting more time in the end.

Is it Possible To Disable The FB Account Permanently

You can make this decision quickly when you need to disable your FB account permanently after being compromised by someone else. Nevertheless, if you wish to know does Facebook delete permanently disabled accounts, you must first retrieve your hacked FB account and delete it permanently in your suitable way. 

How To Delete Hacked FB Account Quickly

When someone unauthorized person compromises your FB account, you can recover your FB account, and after that, you can delete it systematically. Some users consider using a hacked Facebook account after recovering it, but some prefer to delete their account for security purposes, and they can create a new account. If you wish to delete your hacked FB account but get frustrated knowing how to delete hacked Facebook Account Immediately, you must go through the steps provided by the experts.
  • First of all, ensure you have tried to access your hacked Facebook account, but click on the forgot password button if it denies access.
  • Enter a specific mobile phone number or alternate email address and get a security code that you should enter ad get a link to enter the new password.
  • You can access your hacked FB account that you can delete by requesting a delete FB account in a message and accepting the confirmation message to delete your hacked FB.
  • Your Facebook account will be deleted immediately within two days, and create a new account to connect with your friends, family, and clients at any time appropriately.
Likewise, if you still find something wrong with your FB account after being hacked, contact its customer support team that is available to assist you at the right time quickly. 



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