How To Block Someone On Facebook Without Them Knowing

How To Block Someone On Facebook Without Them Knowing

In your Facebook friend list there are many such people to whom you are acquainted but don't share any interest. In fact, sometimes you don't really like the updates shared by some of your Facebook friends, as you might find that irritating or a bit depressing in some cases.

Learn How To Block Someone On Facebook Without Them Knowing

Generally, in such a condition, you just need to unfriend that person from your Facebook friend list. But then that particular person might find out that you have unfriended him or her, which you don't prefer as it is a bit too extreme for you. However, there are some methods that help to unblock someone on Facebook without them knowing about it and if you are willing to learn them, refer to the data given below.

Ways To Block Someone On Facebook

Add friend to Acquaintances list:

  • Go to the timeline of your Facebook friend, whom you want to block without knowing
  • Move the mouse to the name of that person and wait for a pop up window
  • Once you see the pop up screen with the profile photo, move to the friends option
  • Next get notifications tab will appear, where you have to choose the acquaintances option

Block from new feeds:

  • Go to your friend’s post and tap on the three dots from top right of screen
  •  Next a pop up window will appear providing a few number of options
  • Scroll down the options and tap on the un-follow button given with the name of friend
  • You can also choose to snooze that particular friend for at least 30 days

Add friend to restricted list:

  • Go to the timeline of  a particular Facebook friend or find the name in news feed
  • Then a pop up screen will appear as soon as you move the cursor to friend’s name
  • Next, you have to find the Friends option and click it
  • Now a list of different options will appear, scroll down to find restricted option
  •  At last click the restricted button as soon as you find that option from the list                     

Facebook Helpline

Therefore using these methods you can simply block someone on Facebook without them knowing about the same, so that you can save yourself from the embarrassment. Moreover, you can contact a Facebook representative anytime you need to ask about some service-related assistance. Or you can also contact them when you are looking for guidance over resolving any issue on Facebook which is troubling you.

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