How To Cancel Subscription

How To Cancel Subscription

The Match is the major online platform that helps in connecting people across the globe. It assists the users in connecting with various people according to their likes & dislikes. The matching platform offers the person the way of account creation for easy processing. Sometimes the question appears, “How To Cancel Match Subscription.Customers can also buy the subscription and continue to settle out their online profile. Match profile operates with the help of the active internet connection, so the customers should remain concerned regarding the internet.

Ways To Cancel Subscription On Different Devices:

After reading out the features of Match, customers should be well-aware of the question of How to Cancel Match Subscription. In the below-mentioned pointers, we are considering this issue in a detailed manner. Go through the details carefully;

Canceling Subscription On PC & Desktop:

  • Firstly, the users are required to move to the official website of Match, or they can search out “Match” from their respective browsers.

  • Now, the users are needed to fill out the login credentials(Username & Password). After filling out the details, you need to select your account on the given page.

  • After completing the second step, users are needed to locate the Gear icon, and now you have to proceed to the settings section of your account.

  • In this step, customers are required to select the option of Manage and click out the “Cancel Membership” option.

  • After completing the fourth step, you are required to answer some specific questions about why you want to cancel out your subscription.

  • Customers are required to answer all the questions and go forward with the cancellation procedure.

How To Cancel on IOS:

  • Firstly, users must visit the settings section of their ios device and click out the profile name, which usually appears t the top of the screen.

  • After reaching out to the official web page, you must enter the “iTunes & App Store” section.

  • In this step, you get to see your Apple ID displayed and associated with your Apple account.

  • Now, in this step, you must perform continuous scrolling until you find the section of “Subscription”. As you get to see this section Tapout the option.

  • Now, you are needed to locate the Match subscriptions and tap out the “Cancel” option, which is below the web page.

  • After compilation of the fifth step, you get to see the confirmation mail send by the management.

  • Finally, after performing the pointers mentioned above, you must click out the ‘Confirm” option.

How To Cancel Membership on Android:

  • As usual in the ios users are required to open out the play store on their Android device.

  • Now, users are required to lactate & click down the three horizontal lines located on the left side of the official web page.

  • Now, you get redirected to the page to see the side menu list of various applications.

  • After completing the third step, customers are required to click on the option of “My Subscriptions”.

  • Check out the menu list, and you get to see the “Match” in this list.

  • After the pointers mentioned above gets completed, you get to see the option of “Cancel Subscriptions.”

  • Finally, your subscription gets cancelled following the on-screen instructions.

  • One thing that is essential to consider is that you should follow the above-stated instructions carefully. Customer Service Live Agents

After reading out the detailed instructional guidelines regarding How To Cancel Match Subscription, if there are more questions in your mind, you can move to the official customer support of Match for specialized guidance. Live representatives can be contacted through phone, live chat, Email, Social Media Platforms & others. They remain active 24 by 7 to solve the customer queries and guide out them for further proceedings.



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