How To Change Default Google Account

How To Change Default Google Account

Are you someone who has been using multiple Google accounts? And do you wish to change one of your Google account to default? Well, Google does lets you switch between your Google accounts without any hassle. Besides, you can easily use your default Google account to use your Google services such as Google search, Gmail webmail client, YouTube, Google Drive, Photos, etc. Also, you’ll have the flexibility to change from your multiple accounts on Google.

Moreover, read further to learn about How to Change Your Default Google Account in your device. However, if you don’t find the discussed information helpful, then feel free to get in touch with the live experts on Google and get help.

Reasons To Change Your Default Google Account

The following could be the common reasons due to which you might want to change your default Google account

  • If you wish to automatically sign into your Google account on your personal PC or other devices.
  • If you want to automatically sign into your work Google account in your work space PC(s) or other devices.
  • In the event, if you have been currently spending more time on one of your accounts than usual Google services with other account.

Moreover, read further to learn about the process to Remove Default Google Account and change it with another Google account.

Steps To Remove Default Google Account

Before you Remove Default Google Account, you’ll need to first sign out of your current account, and then sign back into your primary Google account that you wish to set as the default one. You’ll need to do this before your sign into any of your Google accounts. Hereafter, follow the steps mentioned below to change your default Google account.

  • At first, you’ll need to visit the official Google user page in your preferred web browser, then sign into your account.
  • Now, scroll to your profile picture, then hit the Sign out of all accounts option, and then you should see the message about the data syncing process being paused.
  • Select the Continue option, then you should see the Choose Your Account screen where you’ll find all of your signed-out accounts listed.
  • Next, choose the Google account that you want to set as default, and then enter it password in the given field
  • Now click Next, and as you have already signed into this account, it’ll automatically become your default Google account
  • However, if you wish to sign into your another account, then you can again scroll to its profile picture or icon, then follow the onscreen instructions to set it as default.
  • Moreover, if you wish to verify that your first account is the default one, then you can scroll to the its profile icon of another signed-in account. Here, you should see the "default" option next to the first account that you have signed in already.

Google Support

Furthermore, if you are still wondering How to Change Your Default Google Account, then you can contact the tech-experts on Google and get appropriate assistance from them.




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