How To Change Yahoo Password

How To Change Yahoo Password

Yahoo is the web-based email service provider to share, transfer and gather the information across the Globe. In access, Yahoo a most preferred platform to locate or to store the data. But sometimes if you found yourself in an unfamiliar situation to change the yahoo password. In that case we have compiled some points to start the process of change yahoo password.

Ways To Change Yahoo Password

Don’t rely on the obsolete solutions available which is not vetted and marked as safe by the users. Although, users should know the basic points before you move to change yahoo read carefully each and every point before initiating the process to change yahoo password.

Steps To Change Yahoo Password

  • These are the most suitable and the most convenient approach to change the yahoo password
  •  At the beginning of the process, Navigate to the Login official page of Yahoo account.
  • Now, click on the gear icon.
  • Further, Tap on the account info which is at the bottom of the menu.
  • Further, click on the account security and enter the current password details.
  • Moving ahead, Tap on the change password.
  • In the final step, formulate a new password with the strong combination of characters or the alphabets.
  • Now  all the steps has been performed successfully.

How To Recover Yahoo Account Password Without Phone Number 

Yahoo mail has been the most popular email service provider from the start. People love Yahoo mail because of the outstanding service it offers in addition to the sending and receiving an email that is the primary function. Apart from that, Yahoo mail has discovered the account recovery procedure that allows the user to reset a lost password. Yahoo mail holder might not remember their existing password several times, which makes them perform account recovery. However, Yahoo account recovery is possible through any one data among phone number, alternate email, or security question, but users might be able to access only one among others. Therefore, if you are looking forward recover Yahoo Password without Phone Number, get correct information from below.

How can you recover Yahoo password without phone number

In case your Yahoo mail registered phone number no longer exists use alternate email or the option on its place. Hence, Yahoo account recovery without phone number is as explained below:

  • Open Yahoo website and enter your user name
  • Press next and select “ I forgot my password” tab
  • Next your phone number will display with missing last two digits·       Then you have to choose “I don’t have access” as the number no longer exists
  • Next you will get choice to receive a code from Yahoo in your alternate email
  • Select recovery email option and login to your account
  • After that open the email send by Yahoo and copy the verification code from there
  • Next paste that verification code on the Yahoo recovery page
  • Once you submit the code, an option to create a new password will appear
  • Now type unique passcode and save the same as your new Yahoo password

How To Recover Yahoo Password Without Security Question

Similarly, users can recover Yahoo Account Password without Security Questions. If you want to know how then follow the instructions from below:

  • Go to the Yahoo login window and enter your ID
  • Next choose forgotten password tab and proceed
  • Further you will be prompted to complete missing digits of your registered number
  •  After you enter missing numerals of phone number correctly, Yahoo will send a code
  • Next, you have to submit that code in the assigned field on Yahoo recovery page
  • As soon as you submit the code, password reset window will appear
  •  Now create a new password for Yahoo and save it

Apparently, if you face any other kind of issue while using Yahoo mail services, get help from their customer support center regarding the problem including the account recovery issue.

Yahoo Customer Service

Consider and adhere with the above information for Yahoo password recovery. if required you can take assistance from the dedicated customer support team of yahoo. Apart from that you can share the mail to the yahoo department to get the immediate feedback or response from the other side.Even after following the above steps, if the users are facing the same difficulty they can make use of the Mobile app to restore yahoo account in one go. So be careful before starting the process of recovery of yahoo account.

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