How Do I Complain To Yahoo

How Do I Complain To Yahoo

Yahoo is an American web service provider that provides endless services to its Customers . Few search engines are designed to bring you the most relevant results to your search request. If one has to find a company’s intellectual property illegally which are posted on the website one can easily file a complaint  with the provided search engines  

steps To File Complain To Yahoo

There are several ways through which one can raise a complaint to Yahoo. A few ways are mentioned below.Following ways will guide you  ‘’How do I complain to Yahoo’’  about the issues one faces in order to have quick services from Yahoo. 

  1. Firstly, Draft a letter to a Yahoo Copyright Agent.

  2.  Describe what kind of material which is being copied such as text, a video, or an audio file .

  3.  Provide the URL of the search on yahoo as well as one has to look for the URL of the page. Do provide contact information for the owner so one can easily find it. 

  4. Which includes your address, telephone number, and email address. 

  5. Enter a statement that one has a good faith that disputed use is not authorized by the owner. Enter another statement in the letter ‘’which is made under penalty of perjury ‘’ that says the information is correct and best to your knowledge. 

  6. Notice is accurate that one is the copyright or intellectual property owner and is authorized to act on the copyright or intellectual property owner’s behalf 

  7. After one has submitted one has requested to Yahoo with a legal copy of your signature which will be received either by fax or regular mail one can submit copies or updates by email or by phone. 

  8. One can easily send the letter to yahoo if possible and send attachments one can also submit subsequent complaints by phone also and when one can submit a complaint by email also.   

Yahoo Support

The following ways will guide you’’ How one can make a complaint to Yahoo ‘’ and get its issue solved on time and get it corrected. 


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