Procedure for connecting HP printer to a laptop:

Procedure for connecting HP printer to a laptop:

In order to connect an HP printer to a laptop/computer, you can follow any of these three methods: USB connection, wireless (WiFi connection), and wired connection. Let us discuss these methods one by one:

How to connect hp printer to laptop ?

  • USB connection: Turn on the printer and laptop and connect both of them with an USB cable. After connecting laptop with printer via USB cable, the Windows displays a message Found New Hardware. Follow the instructions shown on the screen to install the driver of HP printer on your laptop. After the installation is finished, your laptop will be connected with the HP printer. Before connecting laptop and printer with an USB cable, make sure that your laptop is connected with internet. You can also visit the HP website and search for the driver of your printer and install the driver on your system manually.

  • Wireless (WiFi) network: You can connect HP printer with your laptop via Wireless Setup Wizard on the printer. On the printer control panel, use the guided Wireless Setup Wizard, select your network name, and then enter the password to connect the printer to wireless network. Make sure that your laptop is connected to the same wireless network.

  • Wired Connection: In this method, you can connect your computer and printer with a standard ethernet cable. Make sure that your laptop is also connected with a router via ethernet cable. Now, turn on the printer and connect it with the same router to which the laptop is connected. You can use a network hub for this purpose. At last, install the printer driver with Add a Printer Wizard on Windows. You can search for your printer’s driver on the official website of HP.

In case you need any help from HP, you can contact HP printer customer service number.



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