Get details for the process to create Wordpress Account!!

Get details for the process to create Wordpress Account!!

Wordpress enables the user to create their document, blogs etc on their Wordpress account so that it can be used in the future for various purposes. On the other hand, for creating blogs, the user first of all need to make their Wordpress account. So for creating a Wordpress account, user is required to follow certain steps that are mentioned below in this article.

Therefore, so as to get answer for How to create wordpress account, the below mentioned steps needs to be followed:

  • Firstly, the user is required to go to the WordPress website on their systems.

  • Then they should select on get started menu mentioned at the left side of the page.

  • After this the user is required to enter their information in the given fields.

  • User should enter a valid email address that they want to associate with their Wordpress account.

  • Also the user should enter their username for their account.

  • When all these details are entered, the user need to select on create blog menu mentioned there.

  • The user should then make an address for their respective blog. For this the user should make a URL for their blog. User should remember that the URL can’t be changed.

  • Once the sign up is done, the user needs to go to the email address and should select on activate blog menu mentioned in the link send to the email.

  • Now the user should give their blog a suitable name and from there they should also give a theme to their blog.

  • The user now can make their first blog post and should manage their widgets.

  • Once all these steps are undertaken, the user needs to promote their blog so as to make it popular.

Furthermore, with the steps mentioned above the user can Create Wordpress Account very easily and can then start accessing it for their blog purpose. The steps are simple and will enable the user to get started with their Wordpress account.




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